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  • Bun Releases Native Bundler and Introduces Macros

    Bun is an all-in-one toolkit for JavaScript and TypeScript apps that aims to replace Node.js. Bun has recently launched its fast native JavaScript bundler, bringing enhanced bundling capabilities to the Bun ecosystem. The new bundler, now in beta, offers a comprehensive set of features and tools to simplify and accelerate the process of building frontend applications.

  • Swift 5.9 Brings Macro Expansion Power to the Language

    Introduced at WWDC 2023, Swift 5.9, now available in beta, brings a major extension to the language capabilities through support for generating code at compile-time using macros.

  • Racket 6.5 Brings Improved Typed Racket, Faster Iteration, and More

    Racket, a multi-paradigm programming language belonging to the Lisp/Scheme family, has reached version 6.5, writes Ryan Culpepper on Racket blog. The new version adds several new features, including improvements to typed/untyped code interaction, faster iteration on hash tables and sets, and more.

  • Mozilla Sweet.js: Extending JavaScript with Macros

    Mozilla Sweet.js enables developers to enrich JavaScript by adding new syntax to the language through the use of macros. This helps developers to customize the JavaScript syntax for their style, or to expand it by creating a new JavaScript-based DSL useful for their niche domain.

  • Scala Adding Macros to the Language

    The team behind Scala is adding an experimental version of macros in the forthcoming release version 2.10. Scala macros provide an advanced form of compile-time meta-programming.

  • Macros Have Been Dropped from Visual Studio 11

    As of version 11, macros will no longer be available in Visual Studio. This marks the first version in nearly a decade to not allow for crating ad-hock extensions to the IDE. Fully compiled extensions can still be created and new project templates are included to make that process much easier.