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  • Book Review: Developer, Advocate!

    Developer, Advocate! is a set of interviews with prominent technologists, covering what drives their interest and enthusiasm in the industry. The brevity of each interview provides direct information and insight that can be read separately at any time, in any order, enabling those with busy schedules to read, put down, and repeat.

  • A Mobile Application Marketing Strategy Guide

    Just like you, there are numerous aspiring developers launching beautiful apps into the app stores on a daily basis and without excellent marketing, it can be very easy for your mobile app to sit unnoticed in a corner. So, how do you maintain that momentum and guarantee that your mobile application stands out from the rest? Ritesh Patil shares a few helpful tips on mobile-app marketing.

  • Q&A with John Sonmez on His Book on Soft Skills

    The book “Soft Skills - The software developer's life manual” addresses interesting topics for professional software developers. The book aims to help developers to become better programmers, more valuable employees, and happier and healthier people. An interview with John Sonmez on managing careers, remote working, mentoring, getting more work done, negotiating salaries and positive thinking.