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  • Google Cloud Introduces Media CDN for Content Delivery

    Google Cloud recently announced the general availability of Media CDN, a content delivery network targeted to media and entertainment companies. The streaming platform supports advertising insertion and AI/ML analytics.

  • Microsoft Announces the General Availability of the New Azure Media Services API (V3)

    With Azure Media Services, customers can encode, protect, index, and deliver videos at scale. Recently, Microsoft announced several enhancements to this service in Azure, including the general availability of the new Azure Media Services v3 API, as well as updates to Azure Media Player.

  • W3C Publishes DRM as a Recommendation

    After a divided vote, the World Wide Web Consortium has adopted Encrypted Media Extensions as a full recommendation, formalizing closed-source Digital Rights Management into the specification. In response, the EFF has resigned from the W3C.

  • Amazon Announces Immediate Availability of Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Region

    On June 27th, Amazon announced the immediate availability of their 6th AWS Region in Asia Pacific. This region is in Mumbai, India and it joins other regions in Asia Pacific including Beijing, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney, and Tokyo. With the addition of Mumbai, Amazon is now up to 35 Availability Zones across 13 geographic Regions worldwide.

  • Android Devices, Android@Home and MusicBeta Service, at Google I/O Keynote

    Google I/O 2011 opened today with more than 5,000 attendees and several announcements from Google regarding new services and offerings. This post from InfoQ’s corresponded at the conference, summarizes those new developments.

  • Cius, Exadata, Itasca: more than a platform

    The Cius tablet PC from Cisco and the Exadata machine from Oracle-Sun involve more than the simple introduction of a new enterprise technology - they also indicate a possible new (or accelerating) trend away from selling general purpose platforms and towards tightly integrated application systems.

  • Ambient Computing; Emerging Applications

    Projects at the Santa Fe Complex illustrate that practical applications of ambient computing research are at hand. Ambient computing is primarily concerned with interface and interaction issues that arise in ubiquitous computing environments.

  • Eclipse BIRT reporting and BIRT Exchange

    Actuate has announced the BIRT Global Partner Connection at BIRT Exchange, for organisations wishing to develop with BIRT, an open-source reporting framework for Eclipse. BIRT provides reporting functionality and is one of the top ten projects at Eclipse.

  • Presentation: Chet Haase on Java FX, Update N and JDK 7

    In this presentation from QCon San Francisco 2007, Chet Haase discusses Java SE 6, Update N/Consumer JRE, the goals and feature set for Java FX (e.g. media support, scene graph, HTML and mobile devices), and the current set of possible features for JDK 7 such as Java FX features, Swing-related JSRs (295 and 296), transparent/shaped windows, tiered compilation, closures and invoke-dynamic bytecode.