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  • Merb and Rack Roundup: Merb 0.9.3, Merbunity, JRuby-Rack

    A quick roundup on Merb and Rack related news: Merb 0.9.3 has recently been released. Merbunity is a new site for the Merb community. JRuby-Rack, an adapter to run Rack-based applications in a Java servlet container, was released.

  • MountainWest RubyConf 2008 Videos

    The videos from MountainWest RubyConf 2008 are all available for downloading from the Confreaks website. We selected a few videos and provide an overview and some entry points into the talks.

  • Using ParseTree for LINQ-style queries and extracting metadata

    Whether it's LISP macros or LINQ's expression trees - access to the AST of code is a powerful tool. We look at how ParseTree allows this in Ruby - and how it's being used in libraries like Ambition, Sequel and the web framework Merb.

  • The Road to Merb 1.0 with Ezra Zygmuntowicz

    Merb is nearing a 1.0 release milestone and the team has some great changes in store for those people either using Merb today or planning on picking it up for a new project. Read what's coming soon.

  • Engine Yard Takes $3.5 Million Series A From Benchmark Capital

    Pioneering Ruby on Rails-hosting company Engine Yard has taken $3.5 million Series A in a round led by the prominent VC firm Benchmark Capital. Benchmark is responsible for early stage funding of some very successful startups such as eBay, Linden Labs, Yelp and Zillow. The move strikes confidence into the hearts of Ruby fans everywhere.

  • High Performance Ruby MVC: Merb

    By some accounts, Ruby on Rails request-processing has slowed 10-20% with each recent release, so Ezra Zygmuntowicz built his own Ruby-based MVC framework using some of the best parts of Rails. Recently, at the Ruby Hoedown event, Ezra demonstrated how Merb keeps the agility of ActiveRecord while focusing on high-load performance and concurrency.