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  • Visual Studio 2022 - 17.9 Preview 3 Brings All-in-One Search Improvements

    Visual Studio 2022 17.9 Preview 3 introduces significant enhancements to the Code Search, also known as the All-In-One Search, feature. This update significantly improves the search experience, enabling users to explore any word or character string throughout their solution. Other changes are related to Xcode 15.1 support, additions to Microsoft Teams toolkit and other bug fixes.

  • What's New in F# 8.0: Simpler, Enhanced Uniformity, and Improved Performance

    Back in November, during the .NET Conf Microsoft released F# 8.0 as part of the .NET 8 release. The new version of F# brings in many features to make F# programs simpler, more uniform, and performant. The new features are related to language changes, improved diagnostics, quality-of-life improvements, and performance boosts for project compilation and upgrades.

  • Microsoft Announces AppCAT: Simplifying Azure Migration for .NET Apps

    The Microsoft team has released a new tool called Azure Migrate application and code assessment tool for .NET (AppCAT). This tool is intended to help developers migrate on-premises .NET applications to Azure. AppCAT tool facilitates the assessment of .NET source code, configurations, and binaries, identifying potential issues and opportunities during the migration process to Azure.

  • .NET Aspire - Preview 2: Improvements for Dashboard, Hosting, Components, Dapr, and More

    Last week Microsoft announced the availability of the .NET Aspire second preview. This preview brings changes and improvements regarding the dashboard, hosting, components, Dapr and many more. The .NET Aspire is a new cloud-native development stack announced by Microsoft and the .NET team back in November during the .NET Conf Event.

  • What's New in ASP.NET Core 8.0 : Performance, Blazor, AOT, Identity, Metrics and More

    In the most recent release of .NET 8, ASP.NET Core undergoes substantial improvements, with a primary focus on elevating Performance and fortifying Blazor. Notable updates extend to AOT, Identity, SignalR, Metrics, and various other features, marking a significant leap forward for ASP.NET Core developers.

  • What's New in C# 12: Primary Constructors, Collection Expressions, and More

    As part of the .NET 8 launch, on November 14th Microsoft unveiled the new features of C# 12, the latest version of the popular .NET programming language. As announced the most notable improvements include collection expressions, primary constructors for all classes and structs, syntax to alias any type, and default parameters for lambda expressions.

  • Polly v8 .NET Resilience Library: Resilience Pipelines, Built-in Telemetry, and More

    Polly v8 is officially released. This version brings enhancements such as resilience pipelines, built-in telemetry support, and some changes within the configuration for individual resilience strategies.

  • ASP.NET Core .NET 8 RC 2: Blazor, Identity, SignalR and More

    The latest release of .NET 8 Release Candidate 2 brings a lot of additions and changes to ASP.NET Core. This release is planned to be the last one before the final version of .NET 8 is released. The most notable enhancements for this release of ASP.NET Core are related to the Blazor alongside the updates regarding the Identity, API Authoring, SignalR, and new SPA templates for CLI.

  • CoreWCF 1.4.0 Released: RabbitMQ and Apache Kafka Support Added

    This month, there have been several significant releases in the CoreWCF ecosystem. Version 1.4.0 was rolled out, featuring new transport options such as RabbitMQ (AMQP) and Apache Kafka. While these additions were well-received, it's worth noting that the transports MSMQ and NetNamedPipe remain in the preview stage, indicating ongoing development efforts.

  • .NET MAUI in .NET 8 RC 1: Quality Improvements and Xcode 15 Beta Support

    Microsoft has recently released the first Release Candidate version of the .NET Multi-platform App UI (MAUI) framework in the .NET 8 roadmap. As reported, this release candidate version is focused on code quality, various UI improvements, and performance optimizations and it comes with Xcode 15 beta support for Apple SDKs.

  • .NET Upgrade Assistant: Project Features Upgrade and .NET MAUI Improvements

    Microsoft has announced an updated version of the .NET Upgrade Assistant in Visual Studio. The new release brings on a series of enhancements designed to simplify the migration process for .NET MAUI. Notably, developers can now also upgrade project features without needing to change the existing .NET version.

  • ASP.NET Core in .NET 8 Preview 7: Blazor, Native AOT, Antiforgery and More

    The latest release of .NET 8 Preview 7 brings significant additions and changes to ASP.NET Core. The most notable enhancements for this release of ASP.NET Core are related to the Blazor alongside the updates regarding the Native AOT, Identity, new SPA Visual Studio templates, Antiforgery middleware additions and many more.

  • Avalonia Reaches v11 GA Release

    Beginning this month, the Avalonia team announced the release of version 11.0 of their framework, bringing significant changes and new features. These changes include features like automated testing capabilities, improved accessibility support, the introduction of Input Method Editor (IME) support for text input, and advanced text rendering and layout options.

  • ASP.NET Core in .NET 8 Preview 6: Blazor Updates and More

    The latest release of .NET 8 Preview 6 brings significant additions and changes to ASP.NET Core. The most notable enhancements for this release of ASP.NET Core are related to the Blazor alongside the updates regarding the debugging experience, testing metrics, API authoring, servers, middleware and many more.

  • New AWS .NET Distributed Cache Provider for DynamoDB in Preview

    Recently AWS announced the preview release of the AWS .NET Distributed Cache Provider for DynamoDB. This library enables Amazon DynamoDB to be used as the storage for ASP.NET Core’s distributed cache framework.