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  • Book Review: Developer, Advocate!

    Developer, Advocate! is a set of interviews with prominent technologists, covering what drives their interest and enthusiasm in the industry. The brevity of each interview provides direct information and insight that can be read separately at any time, in any order, enabling those with busy schedules to read, put down, and repeat.

  • JavaOne 2013 Roundup: Java 8 is Revolutionary, Java is back

    JavaOne 2013 was recently held in San Francisco, from September 22 to September 26th. The festivities kicked off Sunday, with a Strategy Keynote by Peter Utzschneider, Nandini Ramani and Cameron Purdy.

  • NetBeans: Ruby Developer's New Best Friend (Part 2)

    This is the second article in an ongoing series detailing the new Ruby support of the Netbeans 6.0 IDE. This installment takes a look at editing features such as code templates, GEM support, and unit testing.

  • NetBeans: Ruby Developer's New Best Friend

    Sun has put a large investment into Ruby in the last year with JRuby and the addition of Ruby language support to their Netbeans IDE. InfoQ will be featuring a series of articles by Netbeans Evangelist Roman Strobl exploring the new Ruby features of Netbeans. The first article takes a look at code completion, debugging, and refactoring support.