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  • Grab Shared Its Experience in Designing Distributed Data Platform

    GrabApp is an application that customers select and buy their daily needs from merchants. To be scalable and manageable the data platform and ingestion should be designed as a distributed, fault-tolerant. To design this data platform two classes of data stores are considered: OLTP and OLAP.

  • Improving Azure SQL Database Performance Using In-Memory Technologies

    In late 2016, Microsoft announced the general availability of Azure SQL Database In-Memory technologies. In-Memory processing is only available in Azure Premium database tiers and provides performance improvements for On-line Analytical Processing (OLTP), Clustered Columnstore Indexes and Non-clustered Columnstore Indexes for Hybrid Transactional and Analytical Processing (HTAP) scenarios.

  • Column-based Storage in SQL Server 2011

    Imagine ad hock data mining queries against a single table with 1 TB of data and 1.44 billion rows coming back in roughly a second. This is the scenario Microsoft intends to support using 32-core machines and their new column-based storage engine.