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  • MonoMac Offers .NET Style APIs for Cocoa Development

    MonoMac, the newest attempt at creating a GUI toolkit for C# on OS X, has hit its 1.0 release. MonoMac is designed to be much more consistent with other .NET/Mono libraries. This is done by offering a thicker wrapper around the Cocoa APIs that obeys the .NET Framework Design Guidelines.

  • Apple Releases iOS 4.3 and Xcode 4

    Apple has released iOS 4.3, the latest version of its operating system for mobile devices. This is available for iPhone (4 and 3GS), iPod Touch (3rd and 4th generation) as well as iPad and iPad 2 devices, as well as Xcode 4 which includes the LLVM 2.0 and LLDB 1.0 toolchains.

  • OpenJDK Mac OSX Port

    Since Apple joined the OpenJDK project, a new Mac OSX port project has been created and has made available the first public builds of OpenJDK 1.7 for the Mac. As well as checking out the source, it's possible to download an installer from a community site to develop against Java 1.7 applications from Eclipse on OSX.

  • IPv4 Addresses Running Out; Where is IPv6?

    This week, the Number Resource Organisation, the official representative of the five Regional Internet Registries and who oversees the allocation of IP addresses, announced that less than 10 percent of IPv4 addresses remain unallocated. If it's not addressed in the near future, the ramifications could be serious for the world wide web.