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  • The Future of Agile in Africa: Challenges and Progress

    The African continent is trailing behind in the adoption of agile compared to other continents as it faces wicked challenges and setbacks. However, the next two decades seem to be promising to the young continent, as tech startups, SMEs and large corporations are recognizing that a collaborative approach to product development leads to more productive and value-driven results.

  • Should Teams Decouple Cadences?

    Recently a Twitter discussion took place about allowing teams to have multiple cadences, for instance by using a different rhythm for planning the work and for learning and improving. Decoupling cadences gives teams room to explore and learn what works best for them; it can lead to more adaptability and autonomy and better outcomes.

  • Is SOA Dead as a Term but Alive as a Concept?

    In a recent and provocative article for SD Times David Rubinstein emphasizes his opinion that while SOA has gained a lot of momentum as an architectural principle, it might be dead as a term. He quotes analyst Jason Bloomberg, who considers SOA as a bad word. In his opinion, SOA as a technology has already died due to Cloud Computing and the intrinsic complexity of Web services.

  • Most Important Software Development Trends for 2012, as Voted by QCon London Attendees

    This is a survey of the most important software development trends for 2012, as voted by the attendees of QCon London 2012. It includes technologies like Big Data, HTML5, Mobile, NoSQL, Continuous Integration, GPUs & Multicore, Cloud - PaaS, Cloud - SaaS, Cloud - IaaS, Asynchronous Technologies, Lean, Scrum, Google Dart.

  • Agile Leaders Weigh in on PMI Agile Certification

    Scrum co-creator Ken Schwaber welcomes PMI's establishment of its own Agile certification program, and has recently posted his thoughts.

  • Is Agile in the Trough of Disillusionment?

    Gartner hype cycle is a representation about the maturity of any new technology. As a part of its cycle, it characterizes the over enthusiasm and the following disillusionment which occurs when a new technology is introduced. Given that Agile recently celebrated 10 years, disillusionment should be the last thought. Or is it?