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  • Extension Methods, DSLs, and Fluent Interface

    A brief look at Domain Specific Langauges, Fluent Interfaces, and how Extension Methods allow them to be used from C# and VB. Plus a tip on using extension methods in the .NET 2.0 framework.

  • FxCop Rule for Multi-Targeting

    Multi-targeting in Visual Studio 2008 leads to a new set of problems. With .NET 3.5 bringing new features to the core assemblies, care must be taken when targeting .NET 2.0. Otherwise, an application can be compiled successfully but fail to run due to missing methods. One way to handle this is to use Krzysztof Cwalina's Multitargeting rule for FxCop.

  • New C# Features Not Found in VB

    With the release of Beta 2, the feature set for the flagship .NET languages C# and Visual Basic have been solidified. In the past we have covered VB-only features like mutable anonymous types and XML Literals. Today we cover a couple of the C# only features.

  • VS 2008 to Support Nested Master Pages

    One of the most lauded features in ASP.NET 2.0 is Master Pages. Master Pages serve as templates for a site, making it easier to create and maintain consistent style site-wide. They do have one drawback under VS 2005: they cannot be nested. Visual Studio 2008, expected to be released later this year, eliminates that limitation.

  • Mono Adds Support For Type Inference in C#

    Marek Safar has announced that the C# 3.0 compiler for Mono now supports implicitly typed local variables and implicitly typed arrays using a technique known as type inference.

  • VB 9 Features – What Made the Cut

    With VB 9 getting closer to release, Microsoft had to make some hard decisions about what features were going to make the cut. While most of the important features made it in, there were some notable exceptions. Paul Vic has the rundown.

  • Visual Studio Multi-Targeting Update

    One of the most visible deficiencies in Visual Studio is that each version is tied to a specific version of the CLR. For example, it is impossible to create anything but .NET 2.0 applications using Visual Studio 2005. Visual Studio 2008 partially addresses this issue with what Microsoft calls multi-targeting.

  • The new WCF Web Programming Model supports REST Design

    Don Box and Steve Maine introduce the WCF Web Programming Model to be released with Visual Studio Orcas in their talk "Navigating the Programmable Web" at MIX07. The Web Programming Model features support a RESTful design of web services within the unified WCF programming model.