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Women in Blockchain, AI & Emerging Technologies

Posted by Eileen Brewer  on  Jun 15, 2018 Posted by Eileen Brewer Follow 0 Followers , Holly Roland Follow 0 Followers , Emma Todd Follow 0 Followers , Jessica Groopman Follow 0 Followers , Karpagam Narayanan Follow 0 Followers , Aarthi Srinivasan Follow 0 Followers  on  Jun 15, 2018

The panelists discuss the role women currently play and the future of women involved in blockchain technologies.

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Building Great Engineering Cultures Panel

Posted by Vlad Galu  on  Jun 14, 2018 Posted by Vlad Galu Follow 1 Followers , Andy Walker Follow 1 Followers , Finbarr Joy Follow 0 Followers , Tom Clark Follow 0 Followers , Sally Goble Follow 0 Followers , Amanda Bellwood Follow 0 Followers  on  Jun 14, 2018

The panelists discuss topics relating to the challenges of engineering culture development.

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AI Panel

Posted by Antoine Pichot  on  May 31, 2018 Posted by Antoine Pichot Follow 0 Followers , Guillaume LaForge Follow 0 Followers , Sarah Aerni Follow 0 Followers , Alison Lowndes Follow 0 Followers , Sahil Dua Follow 0 Followers , Philip Winder Follow 0 Followers , Eric Horesnyi Follow 3 Followers  on  May 31, 2018

Panelists attempt to demystify AI and answer questions from the public.

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Tech in Banking Panel

Posted by Teresa Ng  on  May 27, 2018 Posted by Teresa Ng Follow 0 Followers , Mikhail Kourjanski Follow 1 Followers , Alex Batlin Follow 0 Followers , Rob Harrop Follow 2 Followers , Sam Everington Follow 0 Followers  on  May 27, 2018

The panelists discuss some of the challenges of architecting systems for banking.

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Cloud-Native Data: What Is it? Will it Solve the Data-DevOps Divide?

Posted by Charity Majors  on  May 12, 2018 Posted by Charity Majors Follow 1 Followers , Brian Dunlap Follow 1 Followers , James Governor​ Follow 1 Followers , Tim Richardson Follow 1 Followers , Dormain Drewitz Follow 1 Followers  on  May 12, 2018

The panelists debate whether data's answer to cloud-native will mirror DevOps or not.

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Microservices Panel

Posted by Idit Levine  on  Apr 29, 2018 Posted by Idit Levine Follow 3 Followers , Guy Podjarny Follow 2 Followers , Sam Newman Follow 10 Followers , Susanne Kaiser Follow 2 Followers , Mark Burgess Follow 1 Followers  on  Apr 29, 2018

The panelists discuss things like security, service meshes and how to troubleshoot distributed systems, looking forward to see what the next 12 months may hold for microservice architectures.

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How to Cloud Ops Like a Boss

Posted by Tony Hansmann  on  Apr 27, 2018 Posted by Tony Hansmann Follow 0 Followers , Mike Villiger Follow 0 Followers , Kalyan Ramanathan Follow 0 Followers , Kamala Dasika Follow 0 Followers  on  Apr 27, 2018

The panelists answer the question “What does it take for an Ops team to run a platform that scales with business, is always available, secure, and performing optimally?”.

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Diversity & Inclusion in Tech: A Panel Discussion

Posted by Karen Casella  on  Apr 05, 2018 Posted by Karen Casella Follow 0 Followers , Randy Shoup Follow 20 Followers , Karen Catlin Follow 0 Followers , Susan Nesbitt Follow 0 Followers , Steve Johnson Follow 0 Followers  on  Apr 05, 2018

The panelists explore how and why diversity is important, key challenges they encountered, success stories and ideas for how each can help foster a more inclusive technical organization.

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Tech Ethics in Action Panel

Posted by Yanqing Cheng  on  Mar 30, 2018 Posted by Yanqing Cheng Follow 0 Followers , Tim Kadlec Follow 0 Followers , Alexander Steinhart Follow 1 Followers , Theo Schlossnagle Follow 1 Followers  on  Mar 30, 2018

The panelists discuss the role of ethics in software engineering.

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The Art of Chaos Engineering Panel

Posted by Adrian Cockcroft  on  Mar 30, 2018 Posted by Adrian Cockcroft Follow 7 Followers , Kolton Andrus Follow 1 Followers , Dave Hahn Follow 0 Followers , Sahar Samiei Follow 0 Followers , Willie Wheeler Follow 0 Followers , Nathan Äschbacher Follow 0 Followers , Heather Nakama Follow 1 Followers  on  Mar 30, 2018

The panelists answer audience questions on the emerging field of chaos engineering including what chaos engineering is, how you get started with it, and pitfalls of adoption.

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The Whole Engineer Panel

Posted by Justin Becker  on  Feb 16, 2018 Posted by Justin Becker Follow 0 Followers , Dave Copeland Follow 0 Followers , Kevin Stewart Follow 0 Followers , Anjuan Simmons Follow 0 Followers  on  Feb 16, 2018

Justin Becker, Dave Copeland, Kevin Stewart, and Anjuan Simmons discuss how to become an effective engineer. They approach the challenges and offer some tips, techniques, and new ways of thinking.

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Microservices: Patterns and Practices Panel

Posted by Chris Richardson  on  Feb 01, 2018 Posted by Chris Richardson Follow 40 Followers , Randy Shoup Follow 20 Followers , Louis Ryan Follow 1 Followers , Roopa Tangirala Follow 0 Followers , Rafael Schloming Follow 1 Followers  on  Feb 01, 2018

C. Richardson, R. Shoup, L. Ryan, R. Tangirala, and R. Schloming participate in a discussion on microservices and the challenges faced at scale, the strategies to use and more.

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