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The State of DevOps in Banking



The panelists discuss the state of DevOps in banking, including the increased need for adaptability, the impact of value stream mapping and management, as well as a future outlook for 2021.


Chris McFee is the Director of Enterprise DevOps Practices at KeyBank. Kimberley Wilson is Value Realisation Partner at Nationwide Building Society. Jill Mead is Group Product Manager - Project to Product Coach at U.S. Bank. Helen Beal is Editor at InfoQ, moderator.

About the conference

Great physical conferences have an incredible magic. You learn from amazing talks, you’re surrounded by the best in the game, you find fellow travelers who face challenges similar to your own, and so much more. These often lead to lifelong relationships, and can even change your career. I'd like to set your expectations that we’ll deliver this same type of magic in our virtual event, just as amazing as any of the previous DevOps Enterprise Summits we’ve run.

Recorded at:

Oct 22, 2020