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Panel: Agile Singapore 2014

Posted by Linda Rising  on  May 20, 2015 Posted by Linda Rising Dave Snowden Richard Sheridan Steve Freeman  on  May 20, 2015

The panelists discuss topics related to Agile Software development within the same three different categories as the three tracks of the conference: Organization, Practices and Technology.


Java Performance Panel

Posted by Todd Montgomery  on  Mar 22, 2015 Posted by Todd Montgomery Gil Tene Charles Humble Mike Barker Tal Weiss  on  Mar 22, 2015

The panelists discuss Java performance topics, bringing their specific experiences to bear.


Panel: The Challenges of Using Functional Languages

Posted by Werner Schuster  on  Dec 20, 2014 1 Posted by Werner Schuster Stew O'Connor Kelsey Gilmore-Innis Marius Eriksen Logan Linn Jafar Husain  on  Dec 20, 2014 1

Panelists discuss which issues have an impact on the adoption of functional languages, hear how our speakers have addressed these issues and of course we'll have time for a Q&A.


What's the Best Way to Improve Software Architectures?

Posted by Eric Evans  on  Oct 12, 2014 Posted by Eric Evans Michael Feathers Duncan DeVore Leo Gorodinski  on  Oct 12, 2014

A lively panel discussion with Eric Evans, Duncan DeVore, and Leo Gorodinski, hosted by Mike Feathers, on software architecture improvement, DDD, the ins and outs of microservices and much more.


JavaScript Frameworks Panel: Which Is the Right Framework for Me?

Posted by Robert Hanson  on  Dec 02, 2013 1 Posted by Robert Hanson Brian Ford Tim Branyen Yehuda Katz Avital Oliver Lukas Ruebbelke  on  Dec 02, 2013 1

The panelists discuss JavaScript tooling: how to select them, benefits of compiling to JavaScript, differences between MVC solutions, using one framework for both client and server, etc..


The Search for Sustainable Innovation

Posted by Angela Clark  on  Nov 14, 2013 Posted by Angela Clark Scott Farquhar Warwick White Beverley Head  on  Nov 14, 2013

The panelists discuss innovation at the enterprise level avoiding the business’ constant volatility.


The Future of the JVM

Posted by Jamie Allen  on  Sep 16, 2013 4 Posted by Jamie Allen Cliff Click Charlie Hunt Doug Lea Michael Pilquist  on  Sep 16, 2013 4

The panelists discuss the future of the JVM in the context of parallelism and high concurrency of tomorrow’s thousands of cores.


API Conf Panel: API Lifecycle, Methodology and Architecture

Posted by Chris Haddad  on  Jul 18, 2013 Posted by Chris Haddad Pat Cappelaere Asad Khan  on  Jul 18, 2013

Chris Haddad, Pat Cappelaere, Asad Khan provide advice on successfully managing APIs throughout their life cycle as products.


API Conf Panel: Education APIs

Posted by Audrey Watters  on  Jul 12, 2013 Posted by Audrey Watters Jeremy Friedman Oliver Hurst-Hiller Marina Martin Brian Whitmer  on  Jul 12, 2013

The panelists discuss their approaches in using APIs and open standards and data in the education sector.


API Conf Panel: Government and Non-Profit APIs

Posted by Mike Reich  on  Jul 12, 2013 Posted by Mike Reich Chris Metcalf Gray Brooks  on  Jul 12, 2013

Mike Reich, Chris Metcalf, Gray Brooks discuss the challenges and benefits of using APIs in government and non-profit organizations.


API Conf Panel: The Future of Music APIs

Posted by Andrew Mager  on  May 12, 2013 Posted by Andrew Mager Paul Osman Evan Stein Kevin Nelson  on  May 12, 2013

Andrew Mager, Paul Osman, Evan Stein and R. Kevin Nelson share from their experience introducing a music API culture into their companies and developing such APIs.


Expert Panel - Being an IT Broker: Career Change Ahead

Posted by Axel Angeli  on  Mar 19, 2013 Posted by Axel Angeli Matthew Johns Scott Morrison Matthias Ziegler Anne Thomas Manes  on  Mar 19, 2013

Axel Angeli, Matthew Johns, Scott Morrison, Matthias Ziegler, Anne Manes discuss: The future of IT career, How can you prepare for workforce changes in IT? Shifting from "Old School" to"New School".