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The Future of IoT

Posted by Yukon Palmer  on  Jul 14, 2017 1 Posted by Yukon Palmer Patrice Slupowski John Mattison Angel Merces Kevin Shaw Mehrdad Negahban  on  Jul 14, 2017 1

This panel discusses the foreseeable future of IoT.


Practical Cryptography & Blockchain Panel

Posted by Paul Sztorc  on  Jun 21, 2017 Posted by Paul Sztorc David Vorick Jeremy Rand Peter Todd Elaine Ou Riccardo Spagni  on  Jun 21, 2017

The panel discusses the most important trends involving the blockchain today and fields questions from the audience. Topics covered: smart contracts, oracles, sidechains, and blockchains.


Solving Business Problems with AI

Posted by Alexy Khabrov  on  Jun 17, 2017 Posted by Alexy Khabrov Alexander Tsyplikhin Christopher Moody Michael Feng Delip Rao Eldar Sadikov Michelle Casbon  on  Jun 17, 2017

The panelists discuss using AI in the enterprise to solve business problems.


Panel: What's Next for Our Programming Languages?

Posted by Joe Duffy  on  Jun 14, 2017 Posted by Joe Duffy Martin Thompson Brian Goetz Richard Feldman Sylvan Clebsch  on  Jun 14, 2017

Martin Thompson asks the hard questions on choices made and moderates the discussion between the people behind some of the largest and most innovative languages in use by developers today.


The Future of Artificial Intelligence

Posted by Carrie Solinger  on  May 14, 2017 Posted by Carrie Solinger Michael Natusch Bhairav Mehta Rashad Moataz Bill Reichert Jessica Groopman  on  May 14, 2017

The speakers in this panel discuss the future of artificial intelligence.


AI from an Investment Perspective

Posted by Sanjit Dang  on  Apr 18, 2017 Posted by Sanjit Dang Kiersten Stead Yashwanth Hemaraj Pankaj Mitra Leonard Speiser Kartik Gada Doug Dooley  on  Apr 18, 2017

The panelists discuss AI from an investment perspective, the challenges, the risks, trends, the role of Deep Learning, successful AI use cases, and more.


Panel: IBM, Westpac, Certus, and Enable Discuss APIs and Microservices

Posted by Dennis Ashby  on  Mar 03, 2017 Posted by Dennis Ashby  on  Mar 03, 2017

Dennis Ashby moderates a panel discussing the role of APIs in building microservices and the challenges to be overcome.


Impact of Machine Learning Systems in Industries

Posted by Teymur Sadikhov  on  Dec 11, 2016 Posted by Teymur Sadikhov Bhairav Mehta Hollin Wilkins Xinghua Lou Alok Agarwal  on  Dec 11, 2016

The panelists discuss the impact machine learning is having on various industries.


Solving Business Problems with Data Science

Posted by Thomas Levi  on  Nov 13, 2016 Posted by Thomas Levi Ali Jalali Alok Agarwal Todd Townsend KRS Murthy  on  Nov 13, 2016

The panelists discuss how Data Science can help solve various problems for business.


I've Pair Programmed for 30,000 Hours: Ask Me Anything!

Posted by Joe Moore  on  Oct 06, 2016 2 Posted by Joe Moore  on  Oct 06, 2016 2

Joe Moore answers many questions about pair programming and remote pair programming, from the poignant to the silly.


Designing with Passion

Posted by Joe Armstrong  on  Jul 08, 2016 1 Posted by Joe Armstrong Evan Czaplicki Bruce Tate Dave Thomas John Hughes  on  Jul 08, 2016 1

Panelists answer questions on the languages they contributed to: How do you organize thoughts and code? What unique advances in usability did your language make? Why do your users love to code in it?


Solving Business Problems with Data Science

Posted by Krishna Sankar  on  Jul 08, 2016 Posted by Krishna Sankar Robert Bernard Mohamed Elmallah Shankar Vedaraman  on  Jul 08, 2016

The panelists discuss some of the unique problems that only data science can solve, the pitfalls and the success rate of data science projects.