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JUniversal: A Microsoft Tool for Porting Android Apps to Windows Phone and iOS

by Abel Avram on  Feb 06, 2015

Microsoft has open sourced JUniversal, a tool for writing cross-platform mobile applications in Java.

On Lucene.Net: Becoming a Top-level Apache Project and Its Future

by Abel Avram on  Aug 18, 2012

Lucene.Net, a C# port of the Lucene text search index library, has graduated the Incubator and has become a top-level Apache project. This article contains an interview with Prescott Nasser on the future of the project and Solr.Net.

Xamarin Mono for Android Now Runs on MIPS

by Abel Avram on  Feb 28, 2012

Xamarin has completed the Mono port to MIPS and now offers Mono for Android running on the MIPS architecture besides the ARM one.

Joel Webber on Porting Angry Birds to HTML5

by Abel Avram on  Jan 10, 2012 1

Joel Webber, co-creator of the Google Web Toolkit, held the session Angry Birds on HTML5 at GOTO Aarhus 2011, recorded and published by InfoQ. We interviewed Webber to find out more details on porting the popular game Angry Birds to Google Chrome and HTML 5.

The Status of Android Porting to Other Platforms

by Abel Avram on  Dec 05, 2011

Android is running mostly on ARM-based hardware, but there are attempts to bring it to other platforms. One of them is the well-known x86 platform used by many PCs and laptops, the other is MIPS, used in embedded systems mostly based on Linux, and lately on Android.

Tools for Porting Android Apps to Windows Phone 7

by Abel Avram on  Jun 10, 2011 1

Microsoft attracts Android developers to Windows Phone 7 (WP7) with an API mapping tool and a WP7 Guide.

Community Reacts to Deprecated Google APIs

by Michael Floyd on  May 30, 2011 1

When Google announced that several programmer interfaces have been deprecated from the API Directory, the development community reacted loudly and in force. While some APIs on the list will be deprecated with no shut down date announced, others like the Translate API will be shut down at the end of the year.

A Tool for Porting iPhone Apps to Windows Phone 7

by Abel Avram on  Apr 30, 2011 1

Microsoft has released an API mapping tool, guidance and testimonial videos that eases the work of porting iPhone/iOS applications to Windows Phone 7 (WP 7).