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  • 3 Pillars Of Executive Support For Agile Adoption

    An executives job is not over once they've justified agile to their teams and paid for training. To make a transition successful, its required this executive provide sustained support. Esther Derby takes a moment to describe what she believes to be the 3 most important aspects of this ongoing support.

  • Assess Your Agility With ''

    Sebastian Hermida has put together a free online tool to help teams get a better understanding of how well they're doing adopting agility. The site,, is based on the "Assess Your Agility" quiz Jim Shore and Shane Warden include in their book, The Art Of Agile Development.

  • James Shore: The Decline and Fall of Agile

    James Shore has declared agile to be in decline. He cites the many teams doing 'sprints' and stand-up meetings, without adopting any of the technical practices necessary to produce high-quality software over the long-haul. In his estimation, this has led to thousands of Scrum teams doing agile so poorly that they will almost certainly fail, and possibly take the agile movement with them.

  • 'State of Agile' Survey Shows Wider Agile Adoption

    The results of Version One's 3rd annual 'State of Agile' survey are in. According to the survey, agile practices are being used more widely and with impressive results. More than half of the respondents indicated that 90 - 100% of their organization's agile projects have been successful, and 93% indicated that agile practices had enhanced their ability to respond to changing priorities.

  • Should your architecture focus on SOA or BPM?

    While SOA was the big name in the buzzword tag cloud, BPM is quickly getting bigger and bigger. As organizations are becoming more aware of the need to tame their processes in order to get the benefits of IT investments, BPM is gaining importance and mindshare inside and outside of IT. Is one more important for your architecture?

  • Creating The Culture For An Agile Environment

    Greg Smith offers an in-depth practical perspective on making your agile transition just as much about culture change as it is about process change.

  • Debate: Agile Transition Success Rates, Help or Harm?

    Many of the Agile community have chimed in on a recent popular discussion regarding success rates of Agile transitions. Responding to Niraj Khanna's question on the subject, Kent Beck, Ron Jeffries, Alistair Cockburn, Chet Hendrickson, and many more debate the value and risk of establishing such statistics.

  • The Power of Checklists

    In a recent New Yorker article, Atul Gawande describes how Dr. Peter Pronovost is dramatically decreasing infection rates in hospital intensive care units with "stupid little checklists". If simple checklists can save lives, can they improve your agile development team?

  • Has Agile Crossed the Chasm?

    Carrying on from last year's survey, Scott Ambler published the 2007 Agile Adoption survey this month. InfoQ provides some analysis of his findings and asks readers how they would approach getting a single view of Agile trends from across the community.

  • If Agile is So Good, Why Isn't Everyone Doing It?

    On, Thomas Wailgum wrote about why, despite the evidence, Agile adoption remains at a steady, rather than explosive growth. He posde questions to CIO's of a number of Fortune 500 organisations in his article "How Agile Development Can Lead to Better Results and Technology-Business Alignment."

  • Is Scrum Atomic?

    An article on the ScrumAlliance website asked what it means to be practicing Scrum and answered that you must be doing all of the Scrum practices for this to be true. Most of the comments left agreed with that sentiment, and a few did not. So, is Scrum indivisible?

  • Dave Thomas: EssUP Embraces Agility

    Dave Thomas, founder of the team that produced the Eclipse IDE and the Visual Age Java IDE, recently evaluated Ivar Jacobson's new Essential Unified Process (EssUP). His article on Dr. Dobb's Journal called it "a dramatic improvement to UP," concluding that it "embraces agility."

  • InfoQ Article: Agile - The SOA Hangover Cure

    Carl Ververs, an expert on SOA Integration writes about the application of "Agile" development philosophies and methodologies in order to build a sustainable and valuable SOA system.

  • Digital Focus Unveils Market Survey Results at Agile2006

    The survey finds Agile Software Development gaining momentum: interest in Agile methods is growing across the IT landscape with 81 percent of those surveyed either actively using Agile development within their organization or looking for opportunities to do so. Launched at the Agile 2005 Conference to assess the state of agile adoption, this year 136 execs in 128 organizations responded.

  • Has Hell Frozen Over? An Agile Maturity Model?

    Just as the traditionals have their Capability Maturity Model (CMM) do agilists need an Agile Maturity Model (AMM) which allows an organization to assess current state and build a business case for adopting Agile practices?