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  • OpenJDK Project Valhalla Releases LW2 Prototype

    Project Valhalla (OpenJDK) has released LW2, a new user-accessible prototype of the effort to align with modern hardware. InfoQ discusses this new prototype in-depth with IBM's tech lead for this new technology.

  • The Future of Java is Today: CodeOne (née JavaOne) Keynote Highlights

    Following from previous JavaOne events, the inaugural Oracle CodeOne 2018 was recently held in San Francisco, USA. Headline announcements in the Monday night keynote, titled “The Future of Java Is Today”, included: the new Java/JDK release cadence is proceeding as planned; Oracle (and many other organisations) are continuing to support and contribute to Java; and more.

  • Java Enums to Be Enhanced with Sharper Type Support

    Java enums will be enhanced with generics support and with the ability to add methods to individual items, a new JEP shows. Since both features can be delivered with the same code change, they are bundled together in the same JEP. The change only affects the Java compiler, and therefore no runtime changes are needed. Although there is no target version, Java 10 seems likely.

  • Oracle Presents First Proposal for Value Types Implementation

    A couple of months ago, John Rose, JVM Architect, and Brian Goetz, Java Language Architect, both at Oracle, published the first minimal value type proposal to allow early prototyping. At this point, the proposal makes no changes to the Java language itself, and adds only one new bytecode instruction. InfoQ analysed this proposal to indicate the direction that Project Valhalla is heading.