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  • Amazon Releases AWS Outposts, Enabling Hybrid Data Center Architectures

    Amazon have announced general available of AWS Outposts, a fully managed service that extends AWS infrastructure, AWS services, APIs, and tools to "virtually any datacenter, co-location space, or on-premises facility". This solution allows customers to take advantage of AWS technology, but addresses local processing and low latency requirements.

  • Accelerating Cloud Migrations, Microsoft Introduces Azure Migration and Azure Lighthouse Programs

    At the recent Inspire partner conference, Microsoft announced the availability of two programs designed to enable partners to deploy and manage cloud installations. Azure Migration includes prescriptive advice, resources and tools for customers to leverage during their migration. Using Azure Lighthouse, customers can delegate governance and monitoring activities to certified partners.

  • A Few Highlights from QConSF2013- Part 2 of 2

    It's one thing having an in-house training program. But there is a certain deeper insight that can be gained from attending a Q-Con conference in person. Which may be one reason why attendance at the globe-hopping event continues to grow.

  • Kii Cloud Back End Features Analytics and Monetization

    If you want to gain a significant presence in the Asian mobile community, Kii Cloud provides a snap in back end for your iOS, Android or HTML5/JavaScript mobile app. It’s free to add a comprehensive back end that features analytics and monetization to your app during its current Beta run.

  • Home Document Format for Non-Browser HTTP Clients

    On behalf of the IETF, Mark Nottingham has recently published a draft of the Home Documents for HTTP APIs specification. Intended for non-browser clients, it provides a way to describe resources available from a particular site as well as possible hints on how to interact with those services.


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