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InfoQ Homepage News Kii Cloud Back End Features Analytics and Monetization

Kii Cloud Back End Features Analytics and Monetization

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If you want to gain a significant presence in the Asian mobile community, Kii Cloud provides a snap in back end for your iOS, Android or HTML5/JavaScript mobile app.

Kii Cloud is sponsored in part by Asian mobile back end partners and manufacturers that have already been benefitting from its market tested applications. Kii's marketing strength lies in offering a way to place your app directly in the hands of mobile users across Asia. Kii Cloud can reduce the time and effort required by mobile devs to add a comprehensive back end that features analytics and monetization. The service is free to use to promote your app during its current Beta run. The Kii Cloud does have a lot of the code already configured. There are no servers or API’s to set up.

Kii offers simple SDK’s for; iOS, Android and HTML5. There are: 4 iOS SDK’s;    Cloud (version 2.1.1),    Cloud (Change Log),    Ads (version 2.1.1),    Analytics
7 Android SDK’s;     Cloud (version 2.1.5),     Cloud changes,     Sync (version 2.1.1),     Sync changes,     Ads (version 2.1.2),     Analytics (version 2.1.3),     Analytics changes
and 3 HTML5/JavaScript SDK’s;  Cloud (version 2.1.2), Cloud (version 2.1.2) Change Log, Analytics

Kii’s SDK’s allow developers to control user interactions. Profiles are managed via JSON encodable objects. They allow you to easily drag and drop a fully equipped cloud back end into your mobile app. This saves you time and money by not having to configure your own servers and track down a few million established customers to market to in the Asian community.

How much does the Kii Cloud service cost? The information isn't offered on the Kii site.
$7 million was cited by a Kii exectutive as the entry level to be a serious MBaaS provider.
The service, while not clearly delineating prices, is available immediately during its Beta run. Kii’s reticence to provide a price might be attributed to their Key Capital Venture Funding operations. Which looks for new apps to invest in for their Asian clientele.

Some independent minded developers, like TechCrunch commenters Jon Curley:

Interesting concept though I'll keep my back end to myself thanks.

and Frogiss Gcomwill

I'm a SelfCloud man,

will always prefer to construct their own back ends.

Other developers will appreciate the hours or even days of code crunching Kii Cloud will save over setting up a dedicated back end complete with servers for each of their mobile apps. It would be quite a feat to try to duplicate the power of Kii’s distribution. Their reach extends to millions of Asian mobile consumers through Kii’s ‘partners’. Beginning developers can benefit from a scalable back end while not having to deal with learning the new skills required to implement one. Kii Cloud can be useful to mobile devs that prefer to devote their time towards improving their own apps.

A series of posts from former InfoQ alumnus Miko Matsumura describes Kii's approch..Cloud Services can be a time saving tool if you aren't versed in data management and analytics. With minimal code input, mobile developers can use the Kii Cloud to add a quick fix to incorporate a far reaching MBaaS (Mobile Back End as a Service) feature into their mobile apps.

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