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Hypertable - An Open Source, High Performance, Scalable Database

Posted by  on  Jul 31, 2009 3

This presentation discusses Hypertable, an open source, high performance, distributed database modeled after Google's Bigtable. Doug offers a comprehensive discussion of all aspects of Hypertable.

Coaching and Scaling Agility

Posted by  on  Jul 24, 2009 3

In this presentation, David Hussman discusses the benefits of having a collection of coaches in scaling agility.

Creating DSLs in Java

Posted by  on  Jul 22, 2009

Venkat Subramaniam explains what DSLs are good for, then he demos the creation of a DSL in Java, starting with a grammar and a parser, with an emphasis on useful patterns to be used along the way.

Domain Specific Languages in Erlang

Posted by  on  Jul 21, 2009

This presentation looks at several features of Erlang that make it particularly useful as a platform for creating DSL's. Those features include: message passing and dynamic code loading.

F# - Succinct, Expressive, Efficient Functional Programming for .NET

Posted by  on  Jul 17, 2009 3

Don Syme presents F# basics, a typed functional language for .NET that combines the succinctness, expressivity, and compositionality of functional programming with the runtime support of .NET.

Behaviour-Driven Development - a road to effective design and clean code

Posted by  on  Jul 17, 2009 6

Dan describes a proven "outside-in" approach based on real life experience - engaging with and listening to our stakeholders. .

Transcendence and Passing Through the Gate

Posted by  on  Jul 15, 2009 2

This presentation will show how agile values, ideas, and practices lead the practitioner to the threshold of transcendence (agile phase three, according to Kent Beck) and then how to "Be Agile."

The Internal Design of’s Multi-Tenant Architecture

Posted by  on  Jul 09, 2009 4

Craig Weissman, Chief Software Architect at, presents their multi-tenant architecture, one shared database and one application stack, that has proven to scale well over the years.

Hooking Stuff Together - Programming the Cloud

Posted by  on  Jul 08, 2009 3

Gregor Hohpe of Google discusses software as connecting services and components, describes the constraints of connected systems design, and presents common design patterns to solve those constraints.

Hard Rock: Behind the Music with Silverlight 2

Posted by  on  Jul 07, 2009

Scott Stanfield presents the Hard Rock Memorabilia web site demoing Silverlight’s Deep Zoom. He also shows other projects to underline some of the Silverlight’s capabilities.

Haskell and the Arts

Posted by  on  Jul 06, 2009 1

This presentation explores the use of Haskell as an art mediumm, specifically the question of whether or note the elegance of functional programming is a good match for the aesthetics of art?

Erlang Concurrency, What’s The Fuss?

Posted by  on  Jul 04, 2009

Erlang is built on 3 components: language, OTP, and VM. Francesco Cesarini explains the role played by each component in order to ensure Erlang’s highly successful concurrency model.

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