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Sustainable Design for Agile Teams

Posted by  on  Jul 27, 2010

Eric Evans advocates on gradual blending of modeling and design into iterative development in an attempt to create a solution that expresses the domain and is flexible enough to support changes.

Groovy: Best Practices Developed From Distributed Polyglot Programming

Posted by  on  Jul 07, 2010 2

Jonathan Felch discusses Groovy, its major features, using it in a financial project, the benefit of using dynamic and meta-programming features together, ending with what is not so great in Groovy.

Spring: Paving The Way for Continuous Innovation

Posted by  on  Jun 23, 2010 2

Jeremy Grelle discusses Spring 3 -Themes, Generics, Annotated Factory Methods, Meta-Annotations, SpEL, MVC, Rest Template- and quickly reviews Spring Integration, Blaze and Roo followed by a Roo demo.

Scaling Your Cache & Caching at Scale

Posted by  on  Jun 07, 2010

Alex Miller presents typical difficulties encountered when setting up a cache, plus available choices for designing a distributed caching architecture, and ways to test a cache for performance.

Porting Desktop Applications to the Browser

Posted by  on  Jun 02, 2010

Michael Carter explains how to build web applications using non-HTTP desktop protocols with Orbited, a scalable Comet server, and, a JavaScript library for real-time web applications.

Absorbing Scala in the Java Ecosystem

Posted by  on  May 27, 2010 1

Eishay Smith presents the main differences between Scala and Java, explaining how the Java developers can start integrate Scala code into their development, building, testing and runtime environments.

Intentional Software at Work

Posted by  on  May 19, 2010

Magnus Christerson shows how to develop an electronics domain language - its key concepts, how they are defined, the semantic model – and a building access permit example from concept to code.

Patterns for Cloud Computing

Posted by  on  May 16, 2010 3

Simon Guest presents 5 cloud computing patterns along with examples and Azure solutions for scaling, multi-tenancy, computing, storage and communication.

Clojure in the Field

Posted by  on  May 14, 2010 3

Stuart Halloway on Clojure development including BDD for functional code, wrapping Java APIs, third part libraries worth knowing, writing code without an objectual context, and the learning curve.

Sustainable Test-Driven Development

Posted by  on  May 07, 2010 1

Steve Freeman offers advice on writing good tests that make development easier avoiding dead weight code that is hard to maintain. Topics: readability, complex data, diagnostics, and flexibility.

Project Voldemort: Scaling Simple Storage

Posted by  on  Apr 26, 2010

Jay Kreps discusses the architecture, algorithms, implementation and deployment of Voldemort, a distributed storage system. He also presents the problems solved using Voldemort at LinkedIn.

From Agile Development to Agile Operations

Posted by  on  Apr 23, 2010

Stuart Charlton talks about the opportunity brought by cloud computing to introduce agile methods and processes to the operational side of IT, helping to bridge the development and operations worlds.

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