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  • The Benefits of Nostalgia: Q&A with Linda Rising

    Remembering the past can bring about benefits; nostalgic reflection can make us more optimistic. Looking back leads us to feel there is meaning and purpose in our lives which enables us to better navigate the future and help us move forward.

  • Vulnerability in Java Reflection Library Fixed after 30 Months

    In July 2013 Security Explorations discovered a vulnerability in Java by which attackers could elevate their access privileges. Oracle released a patch, but a simple modification was discovered that still makes the attack effective. Once known, Oracle released a patch as part of 8u77. In this article we investigate the little understood class loading process at the heart of the problem.

  • Catalyzing Change with a Kanban Flow Manager

    When organization use kanban mainly for visualization of the work they may be missing out on benefits, says Matthew Philip. Introducing a flow manager role can help teams to reflect and find solutions to the problems that they are facing, thus catalyzing change in the organization.

  • Having Actions Done from Retrospectives

    Agile retrospectives help teams to find and do actions to improve continuously. There are different ways to do follow up on the actions and to evaluate if actions are leading to better team performance and more value delivered to customers.

  • Lutz Roeder's .NET Reflector Headed to Red Gate Software

    The very popular .NET developer utility, .NET Reflector, written by Lutz Roeder is being taken over by Red Gate Software. The news was announced on Lutz's blog and the download was immediately available on the Red Gate web site.

  • Reflector for .NET now supports C# 3.0

    Lutz Roeder's Reflector for .NET 5 has been released. Reflector for .NET is one of the most popular development tools for .NET. Primarily used as a class browser and decompiler for analyzing .NET assemblies, Reflector's newest release has to offer some new compelling features including support for C# 3.0.

  • Reflection and DynamicMethods

    While most .NET developers have heard of reflection, many have not implemented reflection in their applications to its fullest potential. Essentially, reflection is the run-time examination of an object's members. One article provides sample code and a few suggested uses for reflection, including ORM and code generation, and discusses the new, faster DynamicMethods approach in .NET 2.0