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InfoQ Homepage News Reflector for .NET now supports C# 3.0

Reflector for .NET now supports C# 3.0


Lutz Roeder's Reflector for .NET 5 has been released. Reflector for .NET is one of the most popular development tools for .NET. Primarily used as a class browser and decompiler for analyzing .NET assemblies, Reflector's newest release has to offer some new compelling features including support for C# 3.0.

Scott Hanselman has written an extensive post about the new features and provides some tips & tricks for setting up Reflector.
Reflector 5 is out, and it is good. Go get it immediately, or just run your current version and go Help | Check for Updates.
The list of new features includes:
  • Support for new language features of C# 3.0 and previously unsupported features of C# 2.0
  • Custom protocol handler for supporting code URLs via IE or other browsers
  • Analyzer for improved code navigation
  • Windows Shell integration
  • Support for Windows Vista
Although the C# 3.0 support is one of the most important new features, according to Scott Hanselman the "custom 'protocol handler' [...] will soon sweep the (.NET) blogosphere". The protocol handler allows to navigate to arbitrary classes and methods via IE. Code URIs are easily generated by pressing Ctrl-Alt-C on the desired code element within Reflector.

Clemens Vasters and Christian Weyer "agreed on [their] programming hero [some time ago]. The prize goes to: Lutz Roeder. We'd be nothing without Reflector".

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