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  • Kaspersky Labs Uncover Java Exploit in the Red October Malware

    The investigating agency Kaspersky Labs uncovered in mid January that the Red October attackers used the Rhino exploit in Java as an additional delivery vector.

  • Nashorn Voted In as a Successor to Rhino in the OpenJDK Project

    The current OpenJDK members have voted Oracle's Project Nashorn, a new JVM-based JavaScript implementation, as a successor to Rhino which is the current JVM JavaScript implementation. Nashorn is due for release with Java 8 in late 2013. It allows JavaScript to be embedded in Java applications and to develop standalone JavaScript applications.

  • Nashorn Proposed as Replacement JavaScript Engine for OpenJDK

    Oracle's multi-language lead Jim Laskey has proposed a new JVM-based JavaScript implementation, Nashorn, as an OpenJDK project.

  • Community-Driven Research: What's Your Next JVM Language?

    InfoQ's research initiative continues with an 12th question: "What's Your Next JVM Language?". This is a new service we hope will provide you with up-to-date & bias-free community-based insight into trends & behaviors that affect enterprise software development. Unlike traditional vendor/analyst-based research, our research is based on answers provided by YOU.

  • InvokeDynamic and Javascript: New Compiler Dyn.js, Oracle Nashorn and Rhino

    Dyn.js is a new implementation of Javascript for Java. It makes use of Java 7's new features for dynamic languages (invokedynamic, Method Handles). InfoQ talked to dyn.js creator Douglas Campos about the reasons to create another Javascript for the JVM (next to Rhino and the announced Oracle Nashorn) and implementation details of dyn.js.

  • Rhino is About to Get a Lot Faster

    Charles Nutter of JRuby fame recently started assisting the Rhino project (Java implementation of JavaScript) to speed up the Rhino JavaScript runtime.

  • AppengineJS, a JavaScript Port of the Google App Engine Python SDK

    AppengineJS is an open source JavaScript port of the Google App Engine Python SDK helpful to create web applications that can be deployed on GAE infrastructure accessing Google’s persistent storage and services.

  • System/Acceptance Testing with Time and Dates

    Unit Testing Time and Dates is an often talked about problem with relatively simple solutions. More difficult is the acceptance/system testing with Time. What strategies are used?

  • J.B. Rainsberger: "Integration Tests Are A Scam"

    Well-known agilist and TDD expert J.B. Rainsberger has begun a series of posts to explain why his experience has led him to the thought-provoking conclusion that "integration tests are a scam".

  • Moq 3.0 Released

    Version 3.0 RTM of the popular Moq .NET mocking library is now available. Moq 3.0 includes Silverlight support, improved event and property mocking, Pex integration, and improved samples.

  • "Classic" versus "Mockist" TDD, Distinction Real?

    Hot in the TDD Yahoo group is a discussion concerning the perceived continuum between the "Classic" and "Mockist" TDD. Steve Freeman, Nat Pryce, Michael Feathers, Dale Emery, and many more discuss terminology and describe their approaches. The discussion also debates whether there even really exists such a continuum, and if so, what distinguishes the approaches that represent it's extremes?

  • Google Has Open-Sourced Their C++ Mocking Framework

    After open-sourcing their C++ Test Framework a few months ago, Google has just open-sourced the Google C++ Mocking Framework (Google Mock) under the BSD license.

  • Rhino Mocks - Lambda Edition

    Version 3.5 of the popular Rhino Mocks .NET mocking framework has been released. This version marks a major change in the API. A new 'Arrange, Act, Assert' syntax has been added as an alternative to the exiting 'Record-Replay' semantics. This syntax makes strong use of lambda expressions and extension methods, among other .NET 3.5 language enhancements.

  • Mockito 1.5 spies on plain objects

    The latest release of the Mockito mocking framework enables spying on non-mock objects and introduces a cleaner stubbing syntax.

  • Moq .NET Mocking Library

    Moq is a mocking library for .NET designed and developed to utilize .NET 3.5 features, e.g., Linq expression trees and lambda expressions. Moq's goal is to be simple and straightforward, allowing a natural integration into existing unit tests, instead of forcing developers to rewrite tests or learn extensive Record/Replay mocking frameworks.