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  • Tackling real-world unit testing problems

    All the information, books and tools are out there, just pick up NUnit, and you’re good to go, right? Not exactly. Even before deciding to start unit testing, we need to sift through real experience of others; good and bad, horror stories and miracles (“This one test saved me a week of work!”). Then, we take the plunge, and realize: There’s so much to learn!

  • Drinking your Guice too quickly?

    Dependency Injection has been around for a while, and many teams are refactoring their applications to use DI. But it can be a struggle. In this article, Paul Hammant explains the route to take to move an existing application from a nest-of-singletons design to a full fledged DI design.

  • Iterative, Automated and Continuous Performance

    Iterative and continuous are terms that are often used in reference to testing of software. This new InfoQ article takes a look at whether the same concepts can be applied to performance tuning. Along the way topics such as tooling and mocks are discuss in regards to how they need to be adjusted for performance in respect to testing for functional requirements.