MacRuby 0.5 Released, Debugger To Come in 0.6

by Werner Schuster Follow 6 Followers on  Feb 01, 2010 3

MacRuby 0.5 has been released, with a new VM, AOT and JIT support. The GIL MacRuby inherited from Ruby 1.9 is now gone and Grand Central Dispatch support allows to keep a system's cores busy with Ruby threads. Work on the 0.6 release is already under way; a new debugger feature is already available in the trunk.


Ruby VM Roundup: 1.9.2 Gets DTrace Support, Rubinius 1.0 RC2 Adds Installers, IronRuby IDEs

by Werner Schuster Follow 6 Followers on  Jan 16, 2010 2

Rubinius 1.0RC2 adds binary installers, while Ruby 1.9.2 will get DTrace support. IronRuby moves closer to 1.0 and SharpDevelop 3.1 gains IronRuby support. Also: WEBRick users should consider upgrading to the latest versions of Ruby 1.8.x and 1.9.1 because of a recently discovered vulnerability.


Ruby 1.9.1 Update With Fix for Heap Overflow

by Werner Schuster Follow 6 Followers on  Dec 10, 2009 1

Ruby 1.9.1-p376 is out, bringing with it an important fix for a heap overflow vulnerability, among many bug fixes for the 1.9.1 line.


RubyMine 2.0 : A Clear Path to Dynamic Development

by Robert Bazinet Follow 0 Followers on  Nov 16, 2009

JetBrains has taken it on themselves to create one of the premier Ruby IDEs on the market. It has been just over 6 months since version 1.0 was released and today, RubyMine 2.0.


NewRelic RPM 2 Adds Java Support for Performance Monitoring

by Werner Schuster Follow 6 Followers on  Oct 19, 2009 1

NewRelic just released RPM 2, the latest version of their performance monitoring software. RPM, which is available as SaaS (Software as a Service) now supports monitoring Java web/JEE applications as well as Ruby on Rails applications. We talked to NewRelic's Lew Cirne about the new release.


Ruby VM Roundup: MacRuby Progress, IronRuby, Ruby 1.9.2 Delay

by Werner Schuster Follow 6 Followers on  Sep 30, 2009

MacRuby is nearing its first RC for 0.5 and adds support for Grand Central Dispatch. A new IronRuby release is available, Ruby 1.9.2 might be delayed, and Rubinius joins the group of 1.8.7 compliant Ruby implementations.


JRuby Roundup: Ruby 1.8.7 Support, Android Support, Bcrypt-ruby

by Werner Schuster Follow 6 Followers on  Aug 13, 2009 2

The JRuby team has added Ruby 1.8.7 compatibility to the current JRuby trunk. Android received some more attention with JRuby support for the Android Scripting Environment as well as a JRuby irb app. Also: the bcrypt-ruby library for hashing passwords is now available for JRuby, as well as Ruby 1.9.


Ruby 1.9 Roundup: Ruby-debug on 1.9, Ruby Switcher, MacRuby

by Werner Schuster Follow 6 Followers on  Aug 08, 2009

A first incarnation of ruby-debug support on 1.9 is now available. Ruby switcher makes it easy to run different Ruby versions in parallel. Also: MacRuby's experimental branch was merged into MacRuby Trunk.


Future of the Threading and Garbage Collection in Ruby - Interview with Koichi Sasada

by Werner Schuster Follow 6 Followers on  Jul 31, 2009

InfoQ caught up with the creator of Ruby 1.9.x's VM Koichi Sasada to talk about what's coming for Ruby 1.9.2, the state of the Global Interpreter Lock (or Global VM Lock) and what it'll take to get a generational GC in 1.9.x.


Ruby VM Roundup: Ruby 1.9.2 Preview 1, Ruby Versions Site

by Werner Schuster Follow 6 Followers on  Jul 20, 2009

Ruby 1.9.2 Preview 1 is now available and brings API improvements such as Method#parameters, GC optimization for long lived objects, and more. Also: to keep up to speed with Ruby implementations, David A. Black announced which provides a long list of MRI versions as well as JRuby, Rubinius and REE installations.


MacRuby Drops GIL, Gains Concurrent Threads

by Werner Schuster Follow 6 Followers on  Jun 30, 2009 3

MacRuby joins the ranks of JRuby and IronRuby and moved away from Ruby 1.9's Global Interpreter Lock (GIL) in the experimental branch.


Ruby 1.9.2 Plans Announced

by Werner Schuster Follow 6 Followers on  Jun 27, 2009

The plan for the Ruby 1.9.2 release is available now, including the timeline and some features that might be added, such as shipping SQLite with Ruby.


DoS Vulnerability in BigDecimal

by Werner Schuster Follow 6 Followers on  Jun 10, 2009

A DoS vulnerability has been found in all Ruby 1.8.x versions, fixes are now available in 1.8.6-p369 and 1.8.7-p173. Current JRuby versions also seem to be affected.


Interview: Ruby in Practice with Jeremy McAnally

by Robert Bazinet Follow 0 Followers , Matthew Bass Follow 0 Followers on  Jun 03, 2009

InfoQ’s Robert Bazinet and Matthew Bass had the opportunity recently to talk with Jeremy McAnally about his new book, Ruby in Practice. Jeremy gives readers insight about the book but goes into detail about Ruby’s use in the enterprise.


RubyGems Roundup: Fat Binary Gems, Is It JRuby and New Plugins

by Mirko Stocker Follow 0 Followers on  Jun 02, 2009

Aaron Patterson has a solution for native Windows RubyGems that support both Ruby 1.8 and 1.9 at the same time: fat binary gems. Is It tracks JRuby compatibility for popular Gems; and some new RubyGems plugins emerged.

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