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InfoQ Homepage News Interview: Ruby in Practice with Jeremy McAnally

Interview: Ruby in Practice with Jeremy McAnally

InfoQ’s Robert Bazinet and Matthew Bass had the opportunity recently to talk with Jeremy McAnally about his new book, Ruby in Practice.  Jeremy gives readers insight about the book but goes into detail about Ruby’s use in the enterprise.  From the interview:

Of course, Ruby excels at scripting and gluing pieces together, but I don't think it's stuck in that box. I honestly think that you can build almost anything in Ruby. My philosophy is to build it in what's expedient and then re-implement in what's "optimal" (for some definition of the word) from a performance perspective only when you need it. This is why even when I've built really large systems, I've typically started in Ruby (or a mashup thereof).

The interview also includes an excerpt from the book, Chapter 5 : Web Services.  Readers interested in how to make best use of RESTful web services, SOAP and legacy system integration with Ruby should give it a read.

Read the interview in its entirety – Ruby in Practice with Jeremy McAnally.

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