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  • AWS Simplifies Resource Access with VPC Endpoints, Initially Supporting S3

    Amazon Web Services recently introduced VPC endpoints to enable a "private connection between your VPC and another AWS service without requiring access over the Internet, through a NAT instance, a VPN connection, or AWS Direct Connect". VPC endpoint policies provide granular access control to other service's resources. Initially available are connections to S3, other services will be added later.

  • AWS s2n: Open-source TLS Implementation in Less than 6,000 Lines

    Amazon Web Services has recently introduced s2n, short for “signal to noise”, an open-source implementation of the TLS/SSL protocols that aims to be “simple, small, fast, and with security as a priority”.

  • MemSQL 4 Database Supports Community Edition, Geospatial Intelligence and Spark Integration

    Latest version of MemSQL, in-memory database with support for transactions and analytics, includes a new Community Edition for free use by organizations. MemSQL 4, released last week, also supports integration with Apache Spark, Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), and Amazon S3.

  • Microsoft Azure Tops Nasuni’s Storage Benchmark Test

    Nasuni, the cloud NAS and storage company published the results of its annual cloud storage benchmarking test. Microsoft Azure Storage emerged as a winner on speed, availability, and scalability. Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage were the other services included in the benchmark.

  • Amazon DynamoDB Streams and Event Notifications for Amazon S3 Launched at AWS re:Invent 2014

    In their move to event driven architecture, Amazon introduced two enabling technologies allowing the conversion of DynamoDB and S3 written data into events, which can be consumed by other applications and used by Lambda architecture.

  • Amazon Releases Services To Lure Enterprises to the Cloud formally added three new capabilities to its cloud computing portfolio with the introduction of Direct Connect and the updates to the Virtual Private Cloud and Identity and Access Management services. These offerings are targeted at organizations looking to construct hybrid or private clouds on the Amazon Web Services platform.

  • Requester Pays: A New Amazon Business Model

    Amazon has introduced a new business model for its S3 web services called Requester Pays. Businesses using S3 can mark up data buckets so their transfer will be paid by data requesters instead of being paid by their owners as it is now. Used in conjunction with DevPay, the new model opens new business opportunities for companies willing to share their data with others.

  • Amazon Has Started Delivering Its Clouds with CloudFront

    Amazon has announced today CloudFront Beta, a cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN), that can offer low-latency and high speed content transfer all over the globe through a series of edge points located on three continents. CloudFront is integrated with Amazon’s S3 and EC2 services.

  • C# Library for Amazon S3 Available on CodePlex

    Affirma Consulting has developed a C# library which can be used to access Amazon's S3 services from a .NET application. The library, including examples, has been released on CodePlex.

  • Interview: Jeff Barr Discusses Amazon Web Services

    In this interview from QCon London 2008, Amazon Web Services (AWS) Evangelist Jeff Barr discusses SimpleDB, S3, EC2, SQS, cloud computing, how the different Amazon services interact within an application, the origins of AWS, SimpleDB and Microsoft SQL Server Data Services, globalization of the AWS cloud, the March AWS outage, SimpleDB Stored Procedures and converting between AMIs and VMWare.

  • Presentation: Jinesh Varia About Amazon Alexa Web Service's Architecture

    In this presentation, Jinesh Varia, a Web Services Evangelist at Amazon, talks about the architecture of one of Amazon's web services called Alexa. Jinesh explains how Amazon has reached scalability, performance and reduced costs for the Alexa service.

  • Amazon S3 Outage : Do SLAs Lead to Trust?

    Amazon Web Services' popular Simple Storage Service (S3) suffered a major outage last week that caused some to question their reliance on S3. InfoQ discussed the outage with Amazon and affected users and examines the risks of SaaS and cloud architectures.

  • Presentation: Werner Vogels on The Technology Platform: Building Blocks for Innovation

    In a presentation recorded at QCon, CTO Werner Vogels explains how Amazon has become a platform provider, and how an increasing number of diverse businesses are built on this platform. Although's scale makes them seem an extreme case, lessons have been learnt that will be of use to every enterprise looking to provide services to or to consume services of business partners.

  • The RDBMS is not enough.

    In a world of services, RDBMS are not the solution to every problem. Document Oriented Distributed Databases try to solve this and add a new way of storing documents. CouchDB (written in Erlang) is in its alpha stage and evolving on a regular basis. InfoQ caught up with Anthony Eden who is implementing the same concept in Ruby with RDDB.

  • Client side load balancing of Ajax applications

    Traditional approaches to load balancing have focused on server side solutions. Lei Zhu recently proposed an approach where the load balancing logic for a clustered Ajax application resides in the client tier, and describes how an application built on Amazon's S3 and EC2 services has successfully employed the technique.


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