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The Open API Economy: What Is It and How Do I Capitalize On It?

Posted by  on  Dec 14, 2012

Laura Olson presents the Web API market landscape, the business of creating and selling such APIs and the technology supporting this business.

The Buyer’s Guide to Cloud and Hybrid

Posted by  on  Dec 12, 2012

Matthew Johns offers a guide to customers interested in using the cloud by comparing various such solutions – dedicated, hybrid, self service, full service.

Keynote: The New Governance

Posted by  on  Dec 05, 2012 2

K. Scott Morrison anticipates the future of SOA governance in the enterprise starting from the observation that there are major technological changes in the enterprise today.

Keynote: Cloud Interoperability

Posted by  on  Dec 05, 2012

Chris Harding emphasized the need for cloud interoperability and the key areas where standards are most needed – configuration, management, security, storage, communication – for businesses to growth.

Heading, Altitude & Airspeed: Service Orientation, Cloud & Semantics - All or Nothing!

Posted by  on  Nov 28, 2012

Dennis E. Wisnosky exemplifies harnessing SOA, cloud computing and semantic technologies to solve some of the today’s public or private sector complex problems.

SOA, Cloud and Services Technology In the FAA National Airspace System

Posted by  on  Nov 27, 2012

Michael Hritz discusses using SOA at the National Airspace System and their next generation air traffic management system, approaches for cloud computing and services.

Keynote: What's the Point of Standards?

Posted by  on  Nov 22, 2012

Peter F. Brown keynotes on the importance of creating and implementing standards for SOA and Cloud Computing.

The Challenge & Opportunity of Cloud Computing

Posted by  on  Nov 21, 2012

Andrew Watson keynotes on the threats, the challenges and the opportunities provided by cloud computing to enterprises, especially their IT departments.

Keynote: SOA and Service Orientation, From Vision to Reality in the European Space Agency

Posted by  on  Nov 16, 2012

Vicente Navarro outlines the roadmap followed by the Space Situational Awareness team to implement an international, highly distributed and federated SOA system at European Space Agency.

Keynote: SOA, Cloud Computing and the Semantic Web at NASA

Posted by  on  Nov 16, 2012 3

Hook Hua discusses how semantic Web technologies are being leveraged by cloud-based SOA to improve interoperability within NASA enterprise boundaries and between NASA and external organizations.

Keynote: New Paradigms for Application Architecture: From Applications to IT Services

Posted by  on  Nov 08, 2012 1

Anne Thomas Manes highlights the importance of adapting to the current trend marked by the convergence of mobile, social and cloud, moving away from app-centric design to service-based solutions.

Keynote: The API Economy is Here: Facebook, Twitter, Netflix and Your IT Enterprise

Posted by  on  Nov 08, 2012

Corey Scobie explores the growth and evolution of APIs, presenting how business are using APIs today, how that changes the world of software, and emphasizing the need to API management.

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