Letters From The Edge Of An Agile Transition

Posted by Chris O'Connor  on  May 17, 2011 Posted by Chris O'Connor Follow 0 Followers  on  May 17, 2011

Chris O'Connor tells the successful story of a team’s transition to Agile in the middle of a major product release, mentioning the difficulties encountered and how they tackled them.


Software Evolution in Agile Development: A Case Study

Posted by Nanjangud Narendra  on  Apr 29, 2011 1 Posted by Nanjangud Narendra Follow 0 Followers  on  Apr 29, 2011 1

Nanjangud C Narendra presents a case study of an enterprise Agile project in the light of Lehman’s laws of software evolution, along with observations on Agile practices used and their outcome.


MDSD on the iPhone

Posted by Heiko Behrens  on  Apr 21, 2011 Posted by Heiko Behrens Follow 0 Followers  on  Apr 21, 2011

Heiko Behrens shows how to create an iPhone domain specific language using model-driven software development.


Textual Modeling Tools: Overview and Penalty Shoot-out

Posted by Bernhard Merkle  on  Mar 23, 2011 Posted by Bernhard Merkle Follow 0 Followers  on  Mar 23, 2011

Bernhard Merkle discusses the various types of DSLs, and compares different language workbenches by using them with the same custom DSL in order to outline the differences between them.


F#: History, Today, Tomorrow

Posted by Don Syme  on  Mar 11, 2011 2 Posted by Don Syme Follow 0 Followers  on  Mar 11, 2011 2

Don Syme discusses the history of F#, how it came about, the current status of the language, especially its simple model supporting parallel and asynchronous programming, and a preview of F# 3.0.


Searching Without Objectives

Posted by Kenneth Stanley  on  Feb 24, 2011 3 Posted by Kenneth Stanley Follow 0 Followers  on  Feb 24, 2011 3

Kenneth O. Stanley considers that innovation is stifled when we are strictly following a high goal, and we would progress more when we are inclined to discovery rather than following an objective.


The Case for Evolvable Software

Posted by Stephanie Forrest  on  Feb 11, 2011 5 Posted by Stephanie Forrest Follow 0 Followers  on  Feb 11, 2011 5

Stephanie Forrest believes in the possibility to create evolvable software through automated bug repair, optimizing or improving code and creating new combinations of existing functionality.

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