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  • SUSE Announces Upgrades to Kubernetes and Edge Management Products

    SUSE, a provider of open source software solutions, including SUSE Linux Enterprise, Rancher Prime (a Kubernetes management platform), and NeuVector Prime (a Kubernetes container security platform), has unveiled significant upgrades to its cloud-native and Edge portfolio. These enhancements aim to help customers securely deploy and manage business-critical workloads across diverse environments.

  • SUSE Releases Harvester v0.2.0, an HCI Solution Built Using Kubernetes

    Harvester, an open-source hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) software built using Kubernetes, recently announced its v0.2.0 release. Harvester can be used to implement HCI on bare metal servers and is an open source alternative to vSphere and Nutanix. The first release, 0.1.0, was made public earlier this year.