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SQL Server PowerShell Extensions

by Jonathan Allen Follow 247 Followers on  Jun 19, 2008

PowerShell is quite possibly going to be the most important language for Windows administrators over the next few years. This is all the more evident when you look at the extensive PowerShell support being added to Microsoft server products such as SQL Server.


Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Feature Pack RC0 Available for Download

by Abel Avram Follow 4 Followers on  Jun 17, 2008

Microsoft has released SQL Server 2008 Feature Pack RC0, a collection of stand-alone install packages which bring additional value to SQL Server 2008.


SQL Server 2008 RC0 Has Been Released to the Public

by Abel Avram Follow 4 Followers on  Jun 12, 2008

Microsoft has released SQL Server 2008 RC0 to the general public.


The Buzz on SQL Server 2008 CTP6

by James Vastbinder  Followers on  Mar 12, 2008

Community Technology Preview 6 has been in developer's hands for almost a month.


SQL Server Data Services: Microsoft's Answer to Amazon S3

by Hartmut Wilms Follow 0 Followers on  Mar 06, 2008 2

Microsoft has announced SQL Server Data Services (SSDS) at MIX08. Being a storage service on the web, SSDS is Microsoft's Amazon S3 competitor.


Microsoft Claims to Hold the ETL Record at 1 TB in 30 Minutes

by Jonathan Allen Follow 247 Followers on  Feb 28, 2008

Microsoft and Unisys are claiming that they hold the record for loading information into a relational database. The unofficial benchmark was 1 TB of TPC-H data moved in under 30 minutes using an Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) tool. The previous record for that volume was 45 minutes and was held by Informatica.


Database Virtualization - Is it worth it?

by Jonathan Allen Follow 247 Followers on  Feb 12, 2008 3

Hosting server applications inside VM images is all the rage today. The ability to quickly move a virtual server from one machine to another as needs change is a big win for IT departments. But can this be applied to heavyweight systems like SQL Server? Conor Cunningham says no.


SQL Server Best Practices Analyzer to be Integrated into SQL Server 2008

by Jonathan Allen Follow 247 Followers on  Jan 23, 2008

Microsoft is looking to change how SQL Server is managed by incorporating the SQL Server Best Practices Analyzer into the core of SQL Server 2008. This new feature, known as the Declarative Management Framework, allows for proactive enforcement of database policies.


New File Storage Mechanism for SQL Server

by Jonathan Allen Follow 247 Followers on  Dec 03, 2007 2

SQL Server was never designed to act as a file system, but many developers use it that way nonetheless. Countless content management systems rely on either shoving large files into blobs or storing filenames. SQL Server 2008 seeks to correct this by introducing a filestream option that can be applied to a varbinary(max) column.


New SQL Server Data Type: HierarchyId

by Jonathan Allen Follow 247 Followers on  Nov 29, 2007 1

Tree-like hierarchies has always a problem in relational databases. Microsoft's first attempt at addressing this was in SQL Server 2005 with the implementation of Common Table Expressions. While CTEs work over existing schema, Microsoft has sought a way to treat hierarchies as first-class concepts. To this effect, they have introduced the HierarchId data type in SQL Server 2008.


PowerShell Scripting Added to SQL Server 2008

by Jonathan Allen Follow 247 Followers on  Nov 20, 2007 1

Francois Ajenstat has recently announced that SQL Server is the next to pick up PowerShell scripting in the next CTP.


New Compression Features in SQL Server 2008

by Jonathan Allen Follow 247 Followers on  Nov 15, 2007 1

SQL Server 2008, code name Katmai, is expected to be released in May. It brings with it a whole host of new features, including several new compression options.


Microsoft is Ready to Go Offline : Introduces Sync Framework

by Robert Bazinet  Followers on  Nov 08, 2007 4

Microsoft introduced their synchronization platform known as the Microsoft Sync Framework. This framework allows developers to create off-line applications, devices and services that will integrate any type of data with any application.


Cory Foy on Database Unit Testing

by James Vastbinder  Followers on  Oct 21, 2007 4

Cory Foy walks developers step-by-step through unit testing logic implemented at the database layer.


Table Value Constructors and Compound Assignments for SQL Server 2008

by Jonathan Allen Follow 247 Followers on  Oct 03, 2007

In SQL Server 2008, T-SQL will be getting some welcome enhancements to the syntax itself. Included among these are table value constructors, also known as row constructors, inline variable declaration, and compound assignments.

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