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InfoQ Homepage News PowerShell Scripting Added to SQL Server 2008

PowerShell Scripting Added to SQL Server 2008


After years of listening to complaints about Windows not being scriptable, Microsoft has finally taken action. PowerShell is being pushed into server products such as the next Windows Server and Exchange Server.

PowerShell is Microsoft's replacement for VBScript and batch-file based scripting. It is a fully object-orientated, meaning streams of objects flow from command to command instead of traditional text streams.

Francois Ajenstat has recently announced that SQL Server is the next to pick up PowerShell scripting in the next CTP. While CTP features are not guaranteed to be in the final product, they usually are.

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  • SQL Server w/ PowerShell

    by Geoffrey Wiseman,

    Your message is awaiting moderation. Thank you for participating in the discussion.

    Would be curious to see what that means in more detail. A quick poke around the SQL Server 2008 site wasn't enlightening.

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