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Heresy & Heretical Open Source: A Heretic's Perspective

Posted by Douglas Crockford  on  Mar 11, 2011 4

Douglas Crockford presents a debate existing around XML and JSON, and the negative effect of the Intellectual Property laws on open source software.

Scaling with MongoDB

Posted by Roger Bodamer  on  Mar 02, 2011 3

Roger Bodamer provides advice on scaling out MongoDB using replica sets and auto-sharding, plus tips for database deployment and scaling use cases.

Immutable Object vs. Unsynchronized State

Posted by Joshua Bennett  on  Feb 22, 2011 1

Joshua Bennett discusses immutable objects, what they are good for, when they are recommended to be used and when are to be avoided.

Panel: Non-Relational Data Stores

Posted by Roger Bodamer, Chris Biow, Steve Harris, Rusty Klophaus, Mike Malone, and Ken Sipe  on  Feb 15, 2011

Roger Bodamer, Chris Biow, Steve Harris, Rusty Klophaus, Mike Malone, and Ken Sipe (panel moderator) discuss the future development of NoSQL or non-relational data stores.

Classes Are Premature Optimization

Posted by Justin Love  on  Feb 10, 2011 6

Justin Love discusses the difference between the classic OOP programming model based on classes and prototypal inheritance built on objects as done in JavaScript, and how they affect performance.

Parallel Programming Patterns: Data Parallelism

Posted by Ralph Johnson  on  Feb 04, 2011 1

Ralph Johnson presents several data parallelism patterns, including related libraries from Intel and Microsoft, comparing it with other forms of parallel programming such as actor programming.

JavaScript Functions: The Good Parts - Idioms for Encapsulation and Inheritance

Posted by Scott Bale  on  Jan 28, 2011

Scott Bale explains how functions help to make use of encapsulation and inheritance in order to create modular applications in JavaScript employing modules, closures, and prototypes.

Enterprise NoSQL: Silver Bullet or Poison Pill?

Posted by Billy Newport  on  Jan 20, 2011 19

Billy Newport explains the fundamental differences between SQL and NoSQL, creating awareness that NoSQL is not suited for many cases, and people should make informed decisions before buying into it.

How to Think about Parallel Programming: Not!

Posted by Guy Steele  on  Jan 14, 2011 4

Guy L. Steele Jr. believes that programmers should not think about parallelism, but languages should provide ways to transparently run tasks in parallel by supporting independence-based constructs.

NoSQL at Twitter

Posted by Kevin Weil  on  Dec 23, 2010 6

Kevin Weil presents how Twitter does data analysis using Scribe for logging, base analysis with Pig/Hadoop, and specialized data analysis with HBase, Cassandra, and FlockDB.

HyperGraphDB - Data Management for Complex Systems

Posted by Borislav Iordanov  on  Dec 15, 2010 2

Borislav Iordanov presents the architecture of HyperGraphDB, a special type of store based on hypergraphs – graphs with edges pointing to an arbitrary number of nodes and to other edges.

The Evolution of the Flickr Architecture

Posted by Mikhail Panchenko  on  Dec 09, 2010

Mikhail Panchenko discusses how Flickr’s code base developed over the years and the scalability problems that started to appear, presenting the the improvements and pros/cons of technologies used.

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