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  • Sun backs Dojo Ajax Toolkit; Joins OpenAjax Alliance

    Sun has joined the Dojo foundation, as IBM did a couple of weeks ago. Sun has already been working with Dojo on the Java Pet Store (which is based on Dojo), and project Maki uses Dojo. Sun has also joined the OpenAjax Alliance.

  • Sun claims lowest cost jAppServer2004 bechmark with Glassfish

    Sun has submitted SPECjAppServer2004 results marking the first submission on a certified Java EE 5 server but also the first all open source stack (SJS appserver based on Glassfish, Solaris 10, MySQL DB). Sun is appears to be responding to another submission from BEA, making direct comparisons of cost savings between them, claiming to be the cheapest at $72/JOPS.

  • Sun commits to open source Java eventually

    At Java One this week Sun said that open sourcing Java is no longer a question of whether, but how. This marks a different tone from previous years, perhaps the Apache Harmony project is succeeding in slowly turning Sun away into a different direction. Community reaction to the news has been mixed.