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InfoQ Homepage News Sun backs Dojo Ajax Toolkit; Joins OpenAjax Alliance

Sun backs Dojo Ajax Toolkit; Joins OpenAjax Alliance

Sun today announced that is joining the Dojo foundation, as IBM did a couple of weeks ago. IBM has been contributing code to Dojo (with the latest 0.3.1 release including IBM's internationalization contributions), and  Sun has been "working with Dojo for some time with our Java Pet Store Demo which is based on Dojo, our AJAX Components, and Project jMaki all of which use Dojo," according to Greg Murray (Servlet spec lead and unofficial Ajax lead at Sun), who will be representing Sun at the Dojo foundation and also the OpenAjax Alliance.  Sun will be contributing AJAX widgets, helping with internationalization efforts and refining documentation.

As part of the OpenAJAX Alliance (which was just formed in February), Sun will work with over 30 other companies on ensuring tools interoperability, identifying best practices,and promoting wider AJAX adoption.

According to an InfoWorld article, Sun didn't initiallly join the alliance due to confusion about whether it was too Eclipse centric. ;)  The trend towards the internet as an application platform (web 2.0) is definitely going mainstream with Sun and IBM backing Dojo, Google recently releasing the Google Web Toolkit, Yahoo's User Interface Library, the Rails community driving Scriptaculous/Prototype, Adobe's Spry framework, and others such as DWR and Mochikit.   

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