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  • .NET News Roundup - Week of April 5th, 2021

    The last week was an eventful one for the .NET community, with multiple releases from Microsoft - including the third preview for .NET 6, ASP.NET Core, MAUI, and EF Core 6. InfoQ examined these and a number of smaller stories in the .NET ecosystem from the week of April 5th, 2021.

  • Sustainable Internet: Reducing the Environmental Impact

    To be sustainable, the internet needs to assess, mitigate, and live up to its responsibilities for a healthy environment. By understanding the environmental impact, we can point to avenues where progress is possible and identify aspects of our digital infrastructures that come with unintended consequences that are too severe to look the other way.

  • Microsoft Releases Sustainability Calculator, Helps Enterprises Analyze Carbon Emissions

    In a recent blog post, Microsoft announced the Microsoft Sustainability Calculator, which is a Power BI application that allows Azure customers to measure carbon emissions associated with their Azure consumption. The goal of this tool is to provide people who are responsible for measuring their carbon impact of their cloud workloads with insights on how they can reduce their carbon footprint.


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