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I Don't Know Prolog, and so Can You

Posted by Corey Haines  on  Aug 23, 2016 1 Posted by Corey Haines Follow 0 Followers  on  Aug 23, 2016 1

Corey Haines introduces Prolog, its syntax, the solver model, along with code samples on list operations to find all the combinatorial variations of a list using the function isMember.


Writing AST Transformations - Get Practical in 90 minutes

Posted by Fred Simon  on  May 03, 2015 1 Posted by Fred Simon Follow 0 Followers , Baruch Sadogursky Follow 0 Followers  on  May 03, 2015 1

Baruch Sadogursky and Fred Simon explain how to write AST transformations.


Clojure Is the New C

Posted by Robert Martin  on  Nov 16, 2014 7 Posted by Robert Martin Follow 8 Followers  on  Nov 16, 2014 7

Robert Martin argues that Clojure is a replacement for C with its simple syntax and minimal semantics.


Teach Your Eye to Eat (Clojure)

Posted by Mario Aquino  on  Oct 02, 2014 1 Posted by Mario Aquino Follow 0 Followers  on  Oct 02, 2014 1

Mario Aquino discusses the structure and organization of Clojure's Lisp syntax as well as special forms in the language for declaring data structures.


Concrete Syntax Matters

Posted by Steven Kelly  on  Nov 13, 2012 Posted by Steven Kelly Follow 1 Followers  on  Nov 13, 2012

Steven Kelly discusses designing languages for humans based on insight from cognitive and empirical research.


Clojure-Java Interop: A Better Java than Java

Posted by Stuart Halloway  on  Jan 19, 2011 2 Posted by Stuart Halloway Follow 3 Followers  on  Jan 19, 2011 2

Stuart Dabbs Halloway reviews Clojure’s syntax and explains how Clojure-Java interop works. He then talks about simplicity, attempting to prove that Clojure is a simpler and better language than Java.


Transforming to Groovy

Posted by Venkat Subramaniam  on  Dec 17, 2010 8 Posted by Venkat Subramaniam Follow 6 Followers  on  Dec 17, 2010 8

Venkat Subramaniam explains some of the Groovy syntax elements and its idioms by taking Java code examples and transforming them step by step into their more concise Groovy counterparts.


Computation Abstraction: Going Beyond Programming Language Glue

Posted by Sadek Drobi  on  Nov 02, 2010 1 Posted by Sadek Drobi Follow 1 Followers  on  Nov 02, 2010 1

Sadek Drobi talks about abstracting the control syntax (glue) in mainstream and FP languages: Null, propagating errors, events, lists, streams, channels, functors, monads, and custom abstractions.