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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Teach Your Eye to Eat (Clojure)

Teach Your Eye to Eat (Clojure)



Mario Aquino discusses the structure and organization of Clojure's Lisp syntax as well as special forms in the language for declaring data structures.


Mario Aquino is a technologist from St. Louis, Missouri. He has recently joined a startup ( to write Clojure for a living. Mario runs the Lambda Lounge group ( He also helps organize the Strange Loop conference. His interests include Clojure, Ruby, CoffeeScript, Scala, honesty, meditation, running, and yoga (or other intense activities).

About the conference

The conference is a three-day, multi-track event that covers all aspects of software development and agile project management. We have speakers from all over the world who are industry experts that deliver both learning sessions as well as hands-on workshops to further the audience’s knowledge and understanding of the topics.

Recorded at:

Oct 02, 2014

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