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  • The Tao of Node: an Attempt to Formalise JS Development Patterns

    Alex Kondov, principal engineer at News UK, reached the conclusion that Node’s focus on freedom and flexibility led to various approaches, many borrowed from other languages. As a trial to provide a more organic approach, he wrote the Tao Of Node as a set of development principles for an improved development experience. InfoQ reached out to him to find out more about these principles.

  • Splitting Stateful Services across Continents at Instagram

    At the recent Large Installation System Administration (LISA) 2018 Conference, Sherry Xiao, production engineer at Instagram, explained how their team split Instagram’s services across datacenters in the US and Europe. They achieved data locality in their stateful services - Cassandra and TAO - by using new and modified tools from Facebook’s engineering team.

  • SDL.NET Offers Cross-Platform Gaming for .NET Developers

    Version 6 of SDL.NET, a high-level binding for the SDL API, has been released. This, combined with the Tao framework, form the corner-stone of MonoXna.

  • Tao Brings Cross-Platform Bindings to .Net and Mono

    While Silverlight is promising the future, Tao is already shipping. The Tao Framework claims to be a "collection of bindings to facilitate cross-platform media application development utilizing the .NET and Mono platforms." Eleven APIs are exposed to .NET/Mono through Tao bindings including OpenGL, PhysicsFS, and the Lua scripting system.