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  • Fitness Functions to Ensure Architectural Goals Are Met

    With fitness-function-driven development, we can write tests that measure a system’s alignment with architectural goals, similar to how we use test-driven development (TDD) to verify that features conform to desired business outcomes, Paula Paul and Rosemary Wang write in a blog post, describing the basic ideas of fitness functions and how architecture qualities can be verified.

  • Test First Approaches With Test Driven Development and Behavior Driven Development

    InfoQ interviewed Gil Zilberfeld about the benefits that a test first approach can bring, the concepts of Test Driven Development (TDD) and Behavior Driven Development (BDD) and examples of teams using BDD and TDD, and how you can explore BDD and TDD without doing any coding.

  • Benefits of Continuous Testing

    At Unruly teams have been applying eXtreme Programming (XP) since being founded in 2006. Teams take a test-first approach to developing code and invest in automated checks that can be run in live environments. InfoQ interviewed Rachel Davies about the importance of a continuous approach to testing, how this has evolved over the years and the business advantage that it delivers to Unruly.

  • Missing Test Competencies in Agile

    Fran O'Hara's lessons learned integrating testing in agile teams, in particular ensuring required test competencies are in place. Full test integration in an agile team is not as simple as mixing a couple of testers in the team, instead multiple working practices and skills are needed for delivering quality applications in an agile world.