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  • Rust-Written Borgo Language Brings Algebraic Data Types and More to Go

    Borgo is a statically typed language that compiles to Go and strives to be interoperable with the existing Go ecosystem. The Borgo language adds to Go algebraic data types, pattern matching, Option and Result types, and more Rust-inspired syntax. The Borgo’s compiler itself is implemented in Rust.

  • Erlang-Inspired Language Gleam Now Compiles to JavaScript

    Gleam, which self-describes as a language for building type-safe, scalable systems for the Erlang virtual machine, now also compiles to JavaScript.

  • Typesafe Changes Name to Lightbend

    The company formerly known as Typesafe, inventors of the Scala programming language, has completed their renaming and is now known as Lightbend. Typesafe announced their plans to rename last May, stating at that time that it was expected to be a two month process. They invited community members to participate, and provided blog updates about their progress.

  • Typesafe Stack Adopts Play Framework

    Typesafe announced the Play framework will be included in the Typesafe Stack 2.0. The Play framework is a Rails/Grails like framework originally focused on Java not Scala. Now the Play framework 2.0 supports Scala and Java as first class citizen. InfoQ catches up with Donald Fischer, President and CEO of Typesafe, to get his thoughts on adding the Play framework to the Typesafe Stack.