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  • JDK 19 and JDK 20: What We Know So Far

    JDK 19, the second non-LTS release since JDK 17, has reached its initial release candidate phase with a final set of seven (7) new features, in the form of JEPs, that can be separated into three categories: Core Java Library, Java Specification and Hotspot Compiler. We examine JDK 19 and predict what features may be targeted for JDK 20.

  • Performance of Structs in C# 7.2

    The C# compiler, under some circumstances involving readonly, creates defensive copies of a struct. While this issue is well known and documented, it’s worth revisiting as it’s tied to several features of C# 7.2. The in and ref readonly keywords make occurrences of the issue more frequent, while readonly structs offer a way to fix it.

  • Oracle Presents First Proposal for Value Types Implementation

    A couple of months ago, John Rose, JVM Architect, and Brian Goetz, Java Language Architect, both at Oracle, published the first minimal value type proposal to allow early prototyping. At this point, the proposal makes no changes to the Java language itself, and adds only one new bytecode instruction. InfoQ analysed this proposal to indicate the direction that Project Valhalla is heading.