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  • Envers Joins Hibernate

    Envers is an open-source project from JBoss which has recently been added under the Hibernate umbrella.

  • Team Foundation Server for Telecommuters

    Back when Visual SourceSafe was the de facto version control for Windows developers, remote access was a major problem. Products like SourceOffSite were a necessity for anyone working remotely. While globalization and unstable fuel prices continue to drive increases in telecommuting, Microsoft is still neglecting this sector, leaving opportunities for smaller companies like Teamprise.

  • CodePlex Adds Support for TortoiseSVN

    CodePlex has recently announced that it is supporting SVN clients, like TortoiseSVN, to connect to its code repository in order to synchronize source code and resources. In the past, SVN users had to run SvnBridge every time they wanted to synchronize with CodePlex, but now it can be done only by using the correct URL in SVN client's settings.

  • Versioning JPA Entities

    Maintaining a historical view of database records has been a problem that has been solved before but not easily. Being able to restore entities to their previous versions including basic properties as well as their relationships is more than a trivial task. Recently Envers 1.0.0 GA was released, aiming to simplify JPA entity revisioning.

  • JSR 277 Debate Renews Around Versioning

    Debate has once again arisen in the community around JSR 277, which is a proposed dynamic module system for Java 7. The flashpoint of the debate this time around is the version numbering system that is planned for JSR 277 Java Modules (JAMs). InfoQ examined the discussions and arguments to understand more about the current state of JSR 277 and it's acceptance by the community.

  • Subversion 1.5 released

    Subversion, a mature open source version control system used by many open source projects, has just released version 1.5. New features include: merge tracking, sparse checkouts, and conflict resolution in the command line client.

  • Handling Multiple Versions in a Single Project Team?

    Once you're team has released the first version of a product you're faced with the dilemma - how to maintain the first version while continuing to make progress on new releases.

  • Fine Grained Versioning with ClickOnce

    ClickOnce makes it easy to deploy WinForms applications. But while it has some versioning support, it has no built in way to deliver different versions to different people. This makes partial rollouts to a test audience difficult. David Cooksey shows how to fine grained versioning to a ClickOnce deployment using an HttpHandler written with ASP.NET.