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  • Akka 22.10 Introduces Projections over gRPC

    Akka 22.10 is the first release using the new Business License (BSL) 1.1 release. The Projections over gRPC module is introduced and Java 17 and Scala 3.1 are now supported.

  • Cloud Spanner Adds Support for Liquibase

    Google Cloud has recently added support for Liquibase on Cloud Spanner. The new extension allows developers to use the open-source database library to manage and automate schema changes for the globally distributed SQL database on Google Cloud.

  • The Costs of Versioning an API

    Versioning of services is something which has been a cornerstone problem of SOA. There are many examples over the years of experiences gained and shared, but little in the way of concretely comparing and contrasting different approaches. Jean-Jacques Dubray has written about the experiences of his team in this area and some equations they have developed to try to illustrate the differences.

  • Mike Amundsen Workshop on API Design

    "Don't version unless you absolutely must, and it is rare that you absolutely must" says Mike Amundsen in a series of API design workshops he held recently. Amundsen describes the "USE" paradigm for API design focussing on usability, scalability and evolvability. He describes the three most common styles of API implementation and how they compare to these principles.

  • Oracle to Change the Release Numbering for Java SE

    "To avoid the confusion caused by renumbering releases", Oracle has announced that it is adopting a new numbering scheme for JDK 5.0, JDK 6 and JDK 7. "The next Limited Update for JDK 7 will be numbered 7u40, and the next 3 CPUs after that will be numbered 7u45, 7u51, and 7u55.”

  • Mercurial 2.0 Released with LargeFiles extension

    Selenic have released Mercurial 2.0, their trianual upgrade to their namesake DVCS tool, bringing in the Largefile Extension and incorporating grafts (cherry-picking). Read on for more.

  • BitBucket Offers Git Support

    Today, on the one-year anniversary of the purchase of BitBucket, Atlassian announced that BitBucket will be offering Git repositories, as well as their long-supported Hg repositories

  • Is OSGi the Right Foundation for Java Middleware?

    Ross Mason, founder of MuleSource expressed his frustration with OSGi: "OSGi is a great specification for middleware vendors, but a terrible specification for the end user." He argues that OSGi just isn’t ready for the developer yet as it is too difficult to completely make it invisible to a developer.

  • REST and versioning

    The problem of how to version services in a REST-based environment is something that comes up time and again. This time Ganesh Prasad offers a proposed solution based not on modifications to the service URL but on the fundamental reason behind versioning in the first place.

  • ThoughtWorks’ Developers Favor Distributed Version Control Systems

    Martin Fowler has conducted a survey on ThoughtWorks’ software development mailing list to determine how some of the version control systems (VCS) are perceived by developers. He also wrote a review of most prominent VCSes comparing centralized and distributed systems.

  • Versioning Strategies For RESTful Services

    In this article Stu Charlton examines the various options available for versioning RESTful services which he prefaces by saying “These can be tricky concepts to describe, and I don't really want to write a small book on this topic”.

  • Is Proliferation Of Custom Media Types RESTFul?

    Subbu Allamaraju, revisits one of the recurring debates in the REST community; the standard media types vs. custom media types and tries to determine the best practices when using them.

  • MindTouch 2009 Includes Publishing from MS Desktop Applications

    MindTouch announces the ability to publish content from any Microsoft Desktop application to its collaborative industrial wiki. New user functionality includes: one-click publishing from any MS application and in-place editing of Microsoft Office. The new functionality is delivered as, Aurelia Reporter, Desktop Connector, and MS Word and MS Outlook connectors.

  • Article: SOA Contract Maturity Model

    In this article, Kjell-Sverre Jerijærvi presents with enough detail Microsoft’s SOA Maturity Model (SOAMM) which can be used to evaluate the maturity of a SOA implementation.

  • Rails Style Database Migrations in .NET

    Versioning database schema along with your .NET code is essential for managing volatile codebases especially when employing continuous integration. Ruby on Rails accomplishes this with a popular solution of abstracting DDL SQL into Ruby commands. Similar solutions are available in .NET with third party libraries.