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  • Macros Return to Visual Studio

    Writing macros to automate tasks was a popular feature in older versions of Visual Studio. Since Visual Studio 2012, macros have not been available but now a new extension promises to provide macros to users of Visual Studio 2013 & 2015.

  • Visual Studio 2013 Update 5

    Developers who are still using VS2013 will find that new update has been made available this week, coinciding with the launch of VS2015. While mostly containing bug fixes, expanded Team Project rename support is included in Update 5.

  • Reducing Technical Debt with SonarQube and Visual Studio

    Java developers have long been able to use SonarQube to measure and analylize their code base for technical debt. Now C# developers using can benefit from this tool thanks to its improved cooperation with Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server.

  • JavaScript Powered Macros in Visual Studio 2013

    A new extension gives Visual Studio users an easy way to utilize macros in the IDE. Powered by JavaScript, they offer developers a powerful way to automate common or repetitive tasks.

  • Full Power, No Charge: Visual Studio Community 2013

    Microsoft has released Visual Studio Community 2013, a copy of Visual Studio Professional that is free to use for users in a non-corporate setting. While the Express editions remain available this new version of Visual Studio provides developers with a single environment that can target traditional Windows applications, the Web, Android, and iOS.

  • Using Bing to Boost C# Development

    The Bing Developer Assistant is a new plugin for C# developers to enable effective searches for code samples from within Visual Studio. Rather than requiring a context switch to a web browser, the plugin lets developers make code searches while they work.

  • ASP.NET Two-Factor Authentication, Web And Mobile Tooling Improvements

    Visual Studio Update 3 was released last week and includes some framework and tooling improvements relevant to web and mobile developers. We go through some of these, including the ASP.NET identity update supporting two-factor authentication, new Visual Studio-Azure integrations as well as several updates to the Apache Cordova Tooling preview.

  • VS2013 Update 3 Continues Refinements

    The 3rd Update to Visual Studio 2013 continues Microsoft's steady application of refinements to their flagship IDE. This update increases the usefulness of diagnostic tools, adds deployment options, and updates some key features in VS2013 Ultimate.

  • Visual Studio 2013 on the Upgrade Trail Again

    The first CTP for Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 has arrived, continuing Microsoft's rapid release pace for their flagship development tool. As compared to the previous update, this 3rd installment is much more limited in scope.

  • Visual Studio Now Supports Hybrid Cross-platform Mobile Development via Cordova

    Microsoft has added native support for hybrid cross-platform mobile applications in Visual Studio 2013 Update 2.

  • Feature-Rich Visual Studio 2013.2 Improves Git Tools and ASP.NET

    The official RTM release of Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 has been made, and unlike the first update it brings with it a host of new features that should interest if not outright benefit nearly all users. Improved areas include better Git tooling support, web development, and profiling.

  • Better Late Than Never: Visual Studio Regains Installer Project

    Through Visual Studio 2010 Microsoft included a Setup and Deployment project type. With VS2012 this project type was removed and users were told to use InstallShield LE or seek a 3rd party alternative. Due to great user demand, Microsoft has now brought the previous project type back as an extension for VS2013.

  • Modern C++ and Visual Studio

    Modern C++ support continues to be an area of focus for Microsoft. This week at Build Herb Sutter gave a talk which provided an update on their current efforts, the level of CPP support being added in the next Visual Studio preview, and what is in store for the future.

  • Bringing Visual Studio's CodeLens Into Focus

    CodeLens has been a popular feature of VS2013. The forthcoming Update 2 is bring an enhancement to CodeLens called Incoming Changes, designed to make working with multiple code branches on TFS easier.

  • TypeScript Becomes Full Member of Visual Studio

    TypeScript becomes a mainline language with the release of VS2013 Update 2 CTP. As TypeScript nears official 1.0 status, several key changes have been made to the language.