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First Look at Visual Studio 2017 Update 5 Preview

by Jeff Martin Follow 17 Followers on  Oct 19, 2017

Microsoft continues to quickly iterate development of Visual Studio 2017, and has just released 15.5 Preview, a look at the company’s fifth update to the popular IDE since its release. This update adds new debugging capabilities and performance improvements for C++, Visual Basic, and C#.

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Compiling on Windows without Visual Studio

by Jeff Martin Follow 17 Followers on  Nov 29, 2016

Microsoft has previously offered two different build tools for those needing to compile code without installing Visual Studio. The new Visual Studio Build Tools package combines these into a single tool.

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VS2015 Update 3 Focuses on Performance and Stability

by Jeff Martin Follow 17 Followers on  Jun 29, 2016 1

The full release of Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 has been made. Update 3 places a great emphasis on improving the stability of the product and reducing the amount of memory used by the IDE for solutions of all sizes. Other changes include better C++ support and better handling of product activation.

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The 6 Main Reasons to use VS2015 for C++ Development

by Jeff Martin Follow 17 Followers on  Mar 30, 2016

Today at Build, the presentation “6 Reasons Move your C++ code to VS2015” was given which discussed the new features in VS2015 that make it more useful to C++ developers. VS2015 has been evolving since its original July 2015 release and there are several new features that should increase its attractiveness to C++ developers regardless of the platforms they target.


VS2015's C++ Benefits from Over 750 Bug Fixes

by Jeff Martin Follow 17 Followers on  Jul 08, 2015

C++ Developers will benefit from the involvement of hundreds of fellow users who reported numerous bugs with the C++ compiler during its release stage. Microsoft has provided a list of all of the bugs that have been corrected for the upcoming release of VS2015RTM.


Enhancements for C2, the Compiler Behind VC++ and Native .NET

by Jonathan Allen Follow 641 Followers on  Apr 30, 2015

Most developers don’t know much about C2, but it is a vital part of the Windows development lifecycle. It acts as the backend compiler for Visual C++, .NET natively compiled code, compiled T-SQL, and Objective-C on Windows.


C++14 Is Here: Summary of New Features

by Sergio De Simone Follow 21 Followers on  Aug 23, 2014 2

C++14, the new C++ standard succeeding C++11, has been finally approved and is heading to ISO for publication this year. While improvements in C++14 are "deliberately tiny" compared to C++11, says C++ creator Bjarne Stroustrup, they still "add significant convenience for users" and are a step on the route to make C++ "more novice friendly."


Memory and Native Code Performance

by Jonathan Allen Follow 641 Followers on  Jun 30, 2013 3

In a deep dive on performance, Eric Brumer explained why memory is often the most critical component. And while this session was on C++ development, much of what he said is applicable to managed code as well.


NuGet Improves Mono Support, Adds C++

by Jeff Martin Follow 17 Followers on  May 07, 2013

NuGet's latest brings C++ support along with improved Linux and Mono compatibility. Nearly all developers using NuGet will find new features to simplify their development tasks.


Microsoft's New Compiler Increases C++11 Compliance

by Jeff Martin Follow 17 Followers on  Nov 05, 2012

Microsoft has released a new CTP of its C++ compiler that provides new C++11 functionality, and announced the formation of the Standard C++ Foundation. This foundation is composed of several different organizations that all share the same goal of promoting and support C++.


How Visual Studio Improves C++ Performance

by Jeff Martin Follow 17 Followers on  Nov 01, 2012

The optimizer in Visual Studio 2012 has nearly doubled in size as compared to previous versions. This matters to developers because now their C++ code can benefit from significant increases in execution speed after a recompile. Targeting the additional features of VS2012 can lead to even bigger performance gains.


MFC Update

by Jonathan Allen Follow 641 Followers on  Mar 13, 2012

Despite a recent emphasis on Windows 8 Metro, Microsoft has renewed its pledge to support MFC which they call “the most fully-featured library for building native desktop applications”. While there were no major features announced, a lot of effort was put in to bug fixes and general improvements.


Visual Studio vNext Code Editor Improvements for C++

by Jonathan Allen Follow 641 Followers on  Aug 30, 2011 2

Sumit Kumar on the VC++ team has revealed some of the new IDE features for the next version of Visual Studio. While some of them are merely catching up to VB/C#, others suggest new features that all of the languages could take advantage of.


C++ AMP Provides Massive Parallelism

by Abel Avram Follow 12 Followers on  Jun 16, 2011 1

Microsoft wants to give C++ developers tools for writing parallel applications running on zillions of GPUs/cores locally or in the cloud.


Visual Studio vNext Will Bring More Agility and DevOps Integration

by Abel Avram Follow 12 Followers on  May 18, 2011

Microsoft has unveiled at TechEd North America 2011 some of the new features coming in Visual Studio: more Agile tools for project planning and collecting stakeholder feedback, a connector for providing operations feedback to developers, plus architecture diagrams and unit testing for VC++.