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InfoQ Homepage News VS2015's C++ Benefits from Over 750 Bug Fixes

VS2015's C++ Benefits from Over 750 Bug Fixes


Last week the Visual C++ team discussed their level of standards compliance, and they have followed that up with a look at the amount of bugs fixed for VS2015RTM.  Speaking for the team, Microsoft’s Bat-Ulzii Luvsanbat provided a list of over 750 bugs that will be fixed as a direct result of the users who reported them. 

Looking at the table provided, there are approximately 480 unique users that reported 753 bugs.  The three largest contributors were David Majnemer, “Kaba_”, and Marcel Raad.  As one article commenter observed, Majnemer currently works at Google and led all contributors by filing 22 bugs.  “Kaba_” was second with 14 reported bugs, and Raad was third overall with 12.  Luvsanbat provides links to the description of all the bugs filed.

There are a couple of additional details about this list.  First, this list is bug fixes, and does not represent the features that have also been added which are tracked separately.  Second, it only covers bugs in the front-end of the compiler and does not include those in other areas (e.g. libraries).  Finally while not all reported bugs were fixed, Luvsanbat says that the team intends to maintain the rate of progress to benefit future releases. 

Given Stephan T. Lavavej’s previous comments that additional compiler language features will be coming in the first update to VS2015, this this bodes well that the bug fixes Luvsanbat refers to will also be included so users won't have to wait until VS2015's successor is released.

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