Unit Testing on Mobile Devices with .NET/Mono

by Jonathan Allen Follow 465 Followers on  Feb 17, 2012 1

An ongoing problem with specialized platforms is the lack of support for unit testing. Developers are forced to compromise the quality of their tests or their build process in order to get anything working. Recently MonoTouch has made progress in this area, but Windows Phone and Mono for Android still lag behind.


Windows Phone 8 Is to Be Based on WinRT?

by Abel Avram Follow 5 Followers on  Feb 03, 2012

Leaked information suggests that Microsoft is working on unifying the Windows ecosystem, while Windows Phone 8 will be based on WinRT rather than Windows CE.


PhoneGap Now Fully Supports WP7

by Abel Avram Follow 5 Followers on  Dec 20, 2011 2

PhoneGap now supports all native functionality on Windows Phone 7 being on par with iOS and Android.


Windows Azure Toolkits for Devices Now Include Android

by Jenni Konrad Follow 0 Followers on  Sep 08, 2011

In addition to updates to the Windows Azure Toolkits for Windows Phone and iOS, Microsoft has introduced a new toolkit for Android, which can be used with applications developed with the Android SDK and Eclipse.


Resources for Windows Phone Developers

by Jonathan Allen Follow 465 Followers on  Aug 31, 2011

In what’s becoming a tradition, Microsoft has once again confused the version numbers of one of their key products. In brief what you need to target Windows Phone 7.5 is the Windows Phone 7.1 SDK and the August 2011 build of the Windows Phone Toolkit. Or you can give the PhoneGap beta a spin.


Developers Can Get a Taste of Mango with WP SDK 7.1 Beta 2

by Abel Avram Follow 5 Followers on  Jun 30, 2011

An early access program allows developers to install Mango on their devices using the just released WP SDK 7.1 Beta2.


jQuery Mobile Beta 1 Supports Many Browsers and Platforms

by Abel Avram Follow 5 Followers on  Jun 24, 2011

jQuery Mobile has reached the Beta 1 milestone with support for all major browsers and mobile OSes. A final release is expected by the end of the summer.


Tools for Porting Android Apps to Windows Phone 7

by Abel Avram Follow 5 Followers on  Jun 10, 2011 1

Microsoft attracts Android developers to Windows Phone 7 (WP7) with an API mapping tool and a WP7 Guide.


Presentation: Making Apps That Don't Suck

by Michael Floyd Follow 0 Followers on  May 25, 2011 13

Developing apps that surprise and delight can seem like an illusive goal that is difficult to articulate or quantify. But in this latest presentation just posted on InfoQ Mike Lee, the software engineer that worked on projects like Delicious Library,Tap Tap Revenge and the Obama ’08 iPhone app, proposes an algorithm for making better apps.


Mango, the Next Windows Phone, Is Packed with New Features

by Abel Avram Follow 5 Followers on  May 25, 2011 3

Microsoft has announced Mango, the upcoming version of Windows Phone, a mobile OS that wants to catch up with the competition by providing a plethora of new features: mobile hardware-accelerated IE, multitasking, integrated communication, Silverlight 4 and XNA support, additional sensors, VB.NET support, and others.


Build Connected Windows Phone Applications Faster with AgFx

by Jenni Konrad Follow 0 Followers on  May 19, 2011

AgFx is a framework for creating Windows Phone 7 applications that simplifies data access and storage. Developers need only to specify the source of information, how to parse it within the application, and expiration rules. After that, data retrieval, caching and refreshes are handled automatically.


An Interview With Ed Schmit, AT&T Developer Ecosystem

by Jean-Jacques Dubray Follow 3 Followers on  May 16, 2011

InfoQ spoke with Ed Schmidt at the Seattle Mobile Developer Hackathon last month. He shares his perspective on how developers should prepare to develop mobile apps and the trends he sees in the industry.


Scott Olson on Cross Platform Mobile Development with MonoCross

by Jonathan Allen Follow 465 Followers on  May 12, 2011

We recently interviewed Scott Olson of the MonoCross Project. The MonoCross Project is a framework for cross-platform mobile development. It uses a combination of .NET and Mono technologies.


Cross Platform Libraries in .NET/Mono

by Jonathan Allen Follow 465 Followers on  May 10, 2011

In an attempt to address the platform divergence problem in the .NET/Mono ecosystem, Microsoft is working on an extension called Portable Library Tools. This tool allows the same compiled library to run on .NET 4.0, Silverlight, Xbox 360, and Windows Phone 7 are available. Microsoft is working with Mono to add support for MonoTouch and MonoDroid.


A Survey on Mobile Development

by Abel Avram Follow 5 Followers on  May 05, 2011

Web Directions conducted a survey among mobile developers enquiring about their browser and platform of choice, what OS they are currently developing for, what OS they plan to target in the future. The conclusion: iOS and Safari are in the lead, Android is catching up quickly, and Windows Phone 7 is still behind.

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