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InfoQ Homepage News Windows Azure Toolkits for Devices Now Include Android

Windows Azure Toolkits for Devices Now Include Android

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Microsoft has released a few updates to the Windows Azure Toolkits for Windows Phone and iOS. They have also introduced a new toolkit for Android, which can be used with applications developed with the Android SDK and Eclipse.

Updates to the Windows Phone Toolkit include:

  • support for SQL Azure, both as a data source for an OData service and as a membership provider
  • updated web applications to ASP.NET MVC 3
  • support for Windows Azure Tools for Visual Studio 1.4 and Windows Phone Developer Tools 7.1 release candidate

The iOS Toolkit includes several bug fixes, and the project has been restructured.

The new Android Toolkit includes native libraries that support authN/Z authentication and storage, a sample application, and test units. It can connect to Windows Azure storage either directly or via a proxy server, in case the developer doesn't want to store Azure login credentials on the device. (This is the same as in the Windows Phone Toolkit.)

The Windows Azure Toolkit for Android is available from GitHub, as is the updated iOS Toolkit. The Windows Phone Toolkit can be downloaded from CodePlex.

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